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CBD Products by Dutch Natural Healing

CBD oil

CBD oil is undoubtedly the best-known CBD product from our assortiment. As many people from all over the globe get to know the power of CBD (cannabidiol) through our CBD oil, from organic and EU certified hemp extracts. The oil is made by diluting pure hemp extracts and is available with low and higher concentrations of CBD. Regular CBD oil is a good and accessible product to experience the effects of CBD for the first time, for example. For the best results, drop a few CBD drops under the tongue on a daily basis. To buy the best CBD oil, choose Dutch Natural Healing.

Pure CBD paste

Besides diluted products, at Dutch Natural Healing you’ll also find our pure CBD paste. This is one of our stronger, higher concentrated CBD products with a minimum of 15,5% raw CBD. Pure CBD paste is obtained through CO2 extraction of organically cultivated hemp plants. The result is an extract named ‘paste’, referring to its thick structure. That is why after extraction, the CBD paste is immediately stored in a handy dosing syringe. Guaranteeing the best effects and user experience. As you can expect, all of our products are laboratory tested and guaranteed of the highest quality.

CBD oil for pets

A special line of CBD products is the CBD oil for pets by Dutch Natural Healing. These oils are developed specifically for pets and made with the highest quality salmon oil available. This makes the CBD for pets tasty, easy and safe in use. The concentrations of CBD in the CBD oils for pets are calculated especially for a variety of pets. At Dutch Natural Healing you’ll find CBD for dogs, terpene free CBD for cats, CBD for horses and a basic oil with CBD for birds, fish and rodents, amongst other animals.

CBG oil

Our CBG oil contains a combination of cannabigerol (CBG) and all other active ingredients and cannabinoids present in cannabis. Like CBD, CBG is a non-psychoactive compound with a remarkable effect on the human body. Even in low doses, CBG appears to be extremely effective.

CBD crystals

CBD crystals or CBD powder is the purest form of cannabidiol. These crystals are isolated from fiber hemp and purified for the highest possible concentration. Our CBD crystals are produced organically and have an average CBD content of 99,8 percent. Dutch Natural Healing CBD crystals can be used under the tongue, in a vaporizer or to easily make your own CBD oil.


CBDactive+ is one of our most effective CBD products. This innovative product is water-soluble, which makes it drinkable and easy to mix through any drink. As a result, the CBD in CBDActive+ is absorbed completely, for the full 100% by the body; as opposed to only 6-12% of the available CBD in regular oils. Moreover, CBDactive+ drops also taste nicer than other CBD products and are handy to dose thanks to a handy dosing pump.

CBD Topicals and skincare cosmetics by Dutchnaturals

CBD Aftershave gel (125mg CBD) - Repair and cool my skin The CBD Aftershave gel by Dutchnaturals is proven to be the ultimate soothing and cooling ..
Ex Tax:€19.79
CBD Aftersun gel 250mg - Ultimate natural skin repair and instant calming The CBD Aftersun gel by Dutchnaturals is proven to be the ultimate soothi..
Ex Tax:€37.15
CBD Body Gel - caring and healing with CBD and Aloë Vera The CBD Body Gel by Dutchnaturals is proven to be the ultimate soothing and cooling body g..
Ex Tax:€37.15
CBD Cream by Dutchnaturals - too good to be true! One jar of CBD Cream by Dutchnaturals contains 110ml of natural skin cream; empowered with 250mg ..
Ex Tax:€33.02
CBD Hand cream by Dutchnaturals - a handful of care! One tube of CBD Hand cream by Dutchnaturals contains 50ml of hand cream; empowered with 125mg ..
Ex Tax:€16.49
CBD Topical Patches with organic Cannabidiol Our pack with 30x CBD topical patches with 15mg Cannabidiol (CBD) is an alternative for CBD ..
Ex Tax:€16.36

Information about CBD

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