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Professional and personal advice
Free worldwide shipping with orders over €50
Satisfaction guaranteed
Fair and high quality CBD products

CBDactive+ 10 ml - 4% (400mg)


10 ml CBDactive+ is the drinkable alternative and up to 10x more effective than regular CBD oil. Available in practical pump dispenser at Dutch Natural Healing.... Read More >


CBD oil 20 ml - 8% (1650mg)


Highly concentrated CBD oil based on our proven effective Dutch Natural Healing hemp extract. The signature of this oil is the best available at the moment.... Read More >


  CBD products by Dutch Natural Healing

At Dutch Natural Healing we sell a wide range of high quality CBD products. We’re happy to advise you on our assortiment and help you choose the right product to suit your needs and desires. Our CBD oil products are produced with only the best flowers from organic hemp plants, carefully cultivated on our own farm. That is why Dutch Natural Healing guarantees the best quality of tested CBD products, every day.

  CBD oil

CBD oil is undoubtedly the best-known CBD product from our assortiment. As many people from all over the globe get to know the power of CBD (cannabidiol) through our CBD oil, from organic and EU certified hemp extracts. CBD oil is made by diluting pure hemp extracts and is available with low and higher concentrations of CBD. Regular CBD oil is a good and accessible product to experience the effects of CBD for the first time, for example. For the best results, drop a few CBD drops under the tongue on a daily basis. To buy the best CBD oil, choose Dutch Natural Healing.

  Pure CBD paste

Besides diluted products, at Dutch Natural Healing you’ll also find our pure CBD paste. This is one of our stronger, higher concentrated CBD products with a minimum of 15,5% raw CBD. Pure CBD paste is obtained through CO2 extraction of organically cultivated hemp plants. The result is an extract named ‘paste’, referring to its thick structure. That is why after extraction, the CBD paste is immediately stored in a handy dosing syringe. Guaranteeing the best effects and user experience. As you can expect, all of our products are laboratory tested and guaranteed of the highest quality.

  CBD oil for pets

A special line of CBD products is the CBD oil for pets by Dutch Natural Healing. These oils are developed specifically for pets and made with the highest quality salmon oil available. This makes the CBD for pets tasty, easy and safe in use. The concentrations of CBD in the CBD oils for pets are calculated especially for a variety of pets. At Dutch Natural Healing you’ll find CBD for dogs, terpene free CBD oil for cats, CBD for horses and a basic oil with CBD for birds, fish and rodents, amongst other animals.

  CBG oil

Our CBG oil contains a combination of cannabigerol (CBG) and all other active ingredients and cannabinoids present in cannabis. Like CBD, CBG is a non-psychoactive compound with a remarkable effect on the human body. Even in low doses, CBG appears to be extremely effective.

  CBD crystals

CBD crystals or CBD powder is the purest form of cannabidiol. These crystals are isolated from fiber hemp and purified for the highest possible concentration. Our CBD crystals are produced organically and have an average CBD content of 99,8 percent. Dutch Natural Healing CBD crystals can be used under the tongue, in a vaporizer or to easily make your own CBD oil.


CBDactive+ is one of our most effective CBD products. This innovative product is water-soluble, which makes it drinkable and easy to mix through any drink. As a result, the CBD in CBDActive+ is absorbed completely, for the full 100% by the body; as opposed to only 6-12% of the available CBD in regular oils. Moreover, CBDactive+ drops also taste nicer than other CBD products and are handy to dose thanks to a handy dosing pump.

  Special CBD products

At Dutch Natural Healing we also sell a bunch of other, more unique CBD products. Our ‘DNH Specials’ include Curcumin edition, for example, with CBD oil and Curcumin oil. Furthermore, Dutch Natural Healing offers CBD HQ; a rare cannabinoid of which more information can be found on the internet. Here you’ll also find real CBD topical patches, a slow-releasing and highly effective product. Be sure to check out our DNH Specials and explore our special CBD products!

  Buying legal CBD at Dutch Natural Healing

Wondering about the legal status of CBD products? Then we’ve got good news for you: our CBD products are legal in the UK and in most European countries. CBD products such as CBD oil are different than THC oil. Because our CBD products do not contain THC, as they are made with cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant and not from THC-rich cannabis plants. Dutch Natural Healing CBD products therefore do not cause a psychoactive effect, so you won’t get high or stoned. This is the big difference between CBD oil and THC products as weed oil.

  Benefits of CBD products

Curious to know what the health benefits of CBD are? Thanks to CBD's unique effects on the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS), the compound is said to help with all kinds of pain relief. According to some research and user experience, it may also help with treating epileptic diseases like childhood epilepsy and other movement disorders. CBD may also help in case of sleep disorders like insomnia, chronic pain and anxiety disorders according to some. Though the effects of CBD can strongly vary per person. Do you suffer from any medical condition? Then it might help to try CBD products! Taking CBD may have a positive effect, though it is not considered medicine, nor can we give medical advice. But there is obviously a reason why so many consumers swear by the CBD products of Dutch Natural Healing! At Dutch Natural Healing, we believe in the powers of CBD

  Service of Dutch Natural Healing

Buying CBD products from Dutch Natural Healing means choosing the highest quality. Our CBD products are not only the richest in terpenes, but our hemp extract also offers the richest variation in cannabinoids. That is why we promise that our CBD products give the best entourage effect. Do you have any questions for us, like what CBD product is best for you? Feel free to contact us for personal advice, we’re happy to help! You can also contact us for the latest CBD lab reports. Curious about the conditions of Dutch Natural Healing? Take a look at our Terms of Service!

“CBDactive+ is noticeably stronger than CBD oil. I feel far better than before.”

“You can clearly taste the natural flavours of the plant in this oil.”

“The handy pump makes CBDactive+ very easy to use.”

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Professional and personal advice
Free worldwide shipping with orders over €50
Satisfaction guaranteed
Fair and high quality CBD products
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