While CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are nothing new and proven by various studies. It long remained unclear if and how CBD oil could help treat the novel coronavirus; or aid in reducing COVID-19 symptoms. However, recent research now proves how CBD oil with vitamin D3 could protect the lungs in COVID-19 infected patients.

CBD treats coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus is not always life-threatening, as mild symptoms resemble those of a flu. Though in some cases, symptoms become much more severe; and might develop into a condition called Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). When this happens, the body’s immune system overreacts and releases an overflow of inflammatory substances called cytokines. Which results in a so-called ‘cytokine storm’ in the lungs, causing respiratory problems and serious lung damage.

Early on in the pandemic, researchers had already discovered that the cannabinoid THC could help prevent these cytokine storms. One study even found a 100% survival rate in mice with ARDS, when treated with this cannabinoid. Though recently, another study reported that CBD might also be helpful in decreasing cytokine-production in lungs of mice; carrying a virus similar to COVID-19.

Obviously, these are great findings showing the potential of cannabinoid supplements in the battle against coronavirus. Though up until October 2020, researchers had yet to discover how cannabinoids inhibit the release of cytokines in ARDS. Luckily, we now know the key to CBD oil’s efficacy in decreasing cytokine storms and treating ARDS: Apelin.

Apelin - the key to CBD oil’s efficacy

Apelin is a peptide released in response to extreme changes in inflammation or blood pressure; and is produced in the lungs, heart, brain, fat tissue and blood. For example, apelin levels might rise in surrounding cells of a lung infection; in efforts to prevent a cytokine storm and ensure normal functioning of the lung cells. Accordingly, it helps prevent the development of ARDS and initiates a speedy recovery from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

During the latest study on this matter, researchers infected mice with a virus similar to COVID. Then, they measured apelin levels in the lungs of these animals. And while you would expect apelin-levels to rise (if not soar) in response to the infection, the opposite seemed to occur. The concentration of apelin literally plummeted to close-to zero!

CBD Oil against COVID-19

In conclusion, one could say that the Sars-CoV-2 virus stops or inhibits the production of apelin in the lungs. Explaining why the virus is so dangerous in case of severe symptoms. Though this also means that restoring apelin production could help treat severe coronavirus-symptoms, such as ARDS.

Upon testing this theory, researchers found that treating infected mice with CBD actually helped restore apelin levels. Consequently, ARDS symptoms were reduced and immune responses normalized due to the cannabinoid. Additionally, oxygen flow and tissue damage in the lungs were restored. The control group on the other hand - not treated with cannabinoids - saw no improvements in their condition.

This research suggests that CBD’s power to reduce the release of cytokines - and reduce inflammation in the lungs - comes from its influence on apelin-production in the body. Which, as we’ve discovered, somehow is inhibited by COVID-19; but luckily appears to be restored after cannabinoid treatment. Proving CBD oil’s efficacy in treating and/or preventing severe coronavirus infections.

CBD Oil with Vitamin D3 for the win!

However, CBD oil is not the only substance studied for its COVID-battling properties. Considering an increasing number of scientists have started to advocate the use of vitamin D to help prevent and treat coronavirus. As proven by research, vitamin D3 could help treat coronavirus symptoms.

In fact, several studies support the idea that vitamin 3 could be an important key in treating the disease. Some studies even report that vitamin D3 could help prevent the onset of coronavirus. Considering the majority of adults walk around with a vitamin D deficiency, it could be helpful to support your body’s immune system with extra Vitamin D3. With that being said, consider the potential CBD oil with Vitamin D3 holds to prevent and treat coronavirus!

CBD Oil + Vit. D3