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Our premium-quality CBD oil delivers a variety of physical and mental health benefits, whilst being completely safe to use. The CBD we use is extracted from the best flowers of organically-produced hemp plants grown in our Dutch nursery. And it comes in a variety of strengths to suit your individual requirements.

Back2Life Edition CBD Oil 5% (500mg) - 10ml
-20 %
Back2Life Edition CBD Oil - 5% (500mg) Back2Life CBD oil 5% by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven-effective and 100% organic hemp extract. With a unique 1:3 diluti..
$32,31 $40,42
Ex Tax:$29,65
High quality CBD oil CBD oil 8% by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven effective and 100% organic hemp extract. Due to the unique 1:1 dilution of the extract with ..
Ex Tax:$41,54
Extra Mild CBD oil 4% CBD oil 'Extra Mild' 4% by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven effective and 100% organic hemp extract. Due to the unique 1:3 dilution of the..
Ex Tax:$41,54
High quality CBD oil CBD oil 8% by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven effective and 100% organic hemp extract. Due to the unique 1:1 dilution of the extract with ..
Ex Tax:$74,24
CBD-A oil  CBD-A oil 8% by DNH is made using a blend of 100% organic hemp extracts. It is processed quickly after harvest, raw and with minimal heat to ensure a h..
Ex Tax:$48,97
Our CBD Oil with Vitamin D3 is based on our proven-effective and 100% organic hemp extract. Due to the unique 1:1 dilution of CBD extract with hemp-seed oil, one 10ml bottle c..
Ex Tax:$41,54
High quality CBD oil + Vitamine D3 (vegan) CBD oil 8% with vitamin D3 by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven effective and 100% organic hemp extract. Due to the un..
Ex Tax:$74,24
Premium Gold CBD oil 25% (2500mg) - 10ml
-35 %
Premium Gold CBD oil - High concentration Cannabidiol One 10ml bottle Premium Gold CBD oil contains an amazingly high concentration of 2500mg Cannabidiol (25% CBD) from our..
$127,99 $196,00
Ex Tax:$117,42
Premium CBD Gold Oil 25% (5000mg) - 20ml
-30 %
Our Highest-Concentration 5000mg CBD Oil — Premium Gold CBD We’ve put all of our experience and effort into producing Premium CBD Gold 25% — a 100% natural, full-spectrum pro..
$208,98 $299,70
Ex Tax:$191,73
CBD Oil 8% Bundle (8250mg) - 10x10ml
-15 %
High quality CBD oil CBD oil 8% by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven effective and 100% organic hemp extract. Due to the unique 1:1 dilution of the extract with ..
$385,56 $452,79
Ex Tax:$353,72
CBD Oil 8% Bundle (4125mg) - 5x10ml
-10 %
Over 4000mg of premium CBD oil goodness CBD oil 8% by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven-effective and 100% organic hemp extract, with over 4000mg of CBD oil in thi..
$204,13 $226,80
Ex Tax:$187,27
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What is CBD Oil, and why is it so popular?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is one of the many active ingredients (cannabinoids) found in cannabis and hemp plants. Around 150 cannabinoids have been identified, with CBD and THC being the most well-known. CBD is extracted from the leaves and buds of the plant and is not to be confused with hemp seed oil which does not contain any cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that all act on the body’s endocannabinoid system in their own unique way. This system regulates many essential functions in the body, including pain perception, mood, appetite, sleep, memory, and immune function.

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a psychoactive effect (I.E. a high or stone feeling) and is used purely for its ability to boost a person’s well-being. The popularity of CBD continues to grow as studies show that the extract is an effective supplement to help control a range of health issues.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Studies suggest that Cannabidiol (CBD) can have all kinds of positive effects on the human body. However, The health benefits of CBD may also vary per person, as can the oii’s efficacy. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of taking CBD oil and the conditions it can possibly support.

  1. Strengthen The Immune System - CBD oil can help to regulate and strengthen a person’s immune system, ensuring it reacts when needed, and protecting against viruses and bacteria. Scientific research also shows that CBD oil can calm down the immune system when it overreacts unnecessarily, like what happens with auto-immune diseases, for example.
  2. Tackle (chronic) pain with CBD - Taking CBD drops can help to support chronic pain, as various research papers confirm CBD’s amazing effect on pain with two different approaches. Firstly, Cannabidiol could help support the cause of pain due to its strong anti-inflammatory and neurodegenerative properties, and secondly, CBD often has a positive effect on the perception of pain.

    For many people, it is a great alternative to opioids and NSAIDs. For more information, read our blog on CBD and chronic pain: 'How CBD oil might help support (chronic) pain'.
  3. CBD could reduce Stress and Anxiety - Anxiety, stress, and depression are often supported with heavy medication that includes long lists of possible side effects. Furthermore, the (often benzodiazepine) medication can be very addictive and harmful to the body with continuous and/or excessive use. Continuous use of CBD oil can significantly reduce anxiety and symptoms of PTSD, without the unwanted side effects.

    For example, research shows CBD could reduce sleeplessness and anxiety in children with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is because of CBD’s effect on the serotonin receptors in the brain, a neurotransmitter responsible for the regulation of mood and social behaviour.
  4. Sleep better with CBD - As highlighted in our article on CBD and sleep, 30% of the world’s population experience trouble sleeping. According to scientific studies mentioned in another previously published article, CBD appears to support a variety of causes of insomnia, and the right CBD can help consumers fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, in most cases.
  5. Possibly support acne and other skin problems - CBD can also be used topically in the form of Topical CBD Cosmetics, like creams, tackling skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. According to recent research, CBD oil might help decrease inflammation and sebum production. Considering the skin is completely covered by CB-receptors of the ECS; skin cells react amazingly well to CBD skin care products.

In addition to the above benefits, CBD oil can be used to potentially support and improve the symptoms of conditions such as:

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Products

Certain hemp cultivars however have a more balanced cannabinoid content; which by nature is better suited for the production of high-quality CBD products. Besides a good cannabinoid ratio (high CBD content with low amounts of THC) these hemp varieties also contain cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBN. And where isolated CBD products like CBD crystals might offer some health benefits; a full spectrum CBD product - also containing these other cannabinoids and terpenes - proves to be much more effective. That is why we do our best to offer CBD oil carrying the broadest cannabinoid spectrum available.

Curious to find out how CBD works in the body? Also read: ‘The endocannabinoid system (ECS) - how does CBD work?’

Purchasing CBD oil at Dutch Natural Healing

Our CBD oil is the richest in terpenes and contains the largest variety of cannabinoids. Therefore we can safely promise that our CBD oil provides the best entourage effect.

Be sure to check out our CBDactive+, a drinkable and water-soluble alternative to regular CBD oil. Of course, we also sell pure CBD, such as CBD isolate and CBD paste, obtained through a supercritical CO2 extraction.

All of our hemp extracts and CBD oils are intensively tested to ensure they meet our highest quality standards. To see the latest test results, please send us an email.

CBD Oil - FAQs

How does CBD Oil work?

CBD helps to regulate the cannabinoid system which controls all of the important processes in the body. Our cannabinoids act as signalling neurotransmitters, essential to our survival and well-being. Therefore, CBD helps to achieve homeostasis in the body, meaning the ideal balance in which your body thrives and you feel at your best.

What is the difference between CBD Oil and THC Oil?

THC Oil (Cannabis oil) and CBD Oil are poles apart in terms of their usage and effects.

CBD oil generally exists in three different types i.e. full-spectrum, broad-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. However, none of these is intoxicating. As only full-spectrum CBD oil contains THC, but still no more than 0.3 percent.

Meanwhile, THC (Cannabis) oil can be categorised as full spectrum as it does contain other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients along with tetrahydrocannabinol. This type of oil is often used in vapes and dabs for recreational purposes and produces a high.

Simply, CBD oil is used for its health and well-being qualities, whereas THC oil is a recreational substance.

Is CBD Oil the same as Medical Marijuana?

No. CBD oil contains different cannabinoids from medical marijuana and does not produce any psychoactive effects. Medical marijuana, however, or any cannabis product containing more THC than CBD, will produce such effects.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The Entourage Effect is when different active components within CBD oil strengthen each other’s functions. This means that a person will experience the full benefits of CBD as well as the other naturally occurring elements of the hemp plant. This is especially prevalent in full-spectrum CBD products.

In other words, full-spectrum CBD products - which in addition to CBD contain other cannabinoids and terpenes - appear to be more effective than isolated CBD products. This is why we are proud to offer one of the most complex hemp extracts on the market - with undoubtedly the best entourage effect available.

How much CBD Oil should you take?

Depending on the chosen product, the starting CBD oil dosage for our water-soluble CBDactive+ - is around 1 or 2 drops (or pumps), 1 or 2 times a day, unless otherwise advised. This provides the minimum amount of CBD necessary to experience some kind of effect.

If you experience no difference in your situation after 10-14 days of use, it is advisable to increase the dosage. It is also advisable to increase the dosage when you feel that it could improve the effects of the product. Though when you’re starting to need more than one full dropper, it might be better to increase the potency of the CBD oil you’re using. Moving to a higher concentrated dose of CBD per drop, instead of increasing your dosage.

In case you’re not sure about the right hemp oil dosage for your needs, or have recently switched brands, types, or strengths of CBD oil - you are always welcome to contact us free of charge. We’re happy to give you advice on all of our CBD products and their starting dosage to help you determine the best way to integrate cannabinoids into your daily diet.

Is buying CBD oil in the UK legal?

Yes. In the UK and most other European countries, CBD oil cannot contain more than 0.05% THC to be legal. As is the case with our products, CBD oil meeting these requirements has no psychoactive effect and will not get you high. The CBD oil sold to the UK from Dutch Natural Healing naturally meets this requirement. This way you can legally enjoy the effects of CBD oil without the high-inducing THC.

Is buying CBD oil in the US legal?

In 2018, the Farm Bill passed in the USA which also legalised CBD oil and its related compounds, thus creating a huge business opportunity for people globally. The FDA (Food and drug administration) has also allowed the farming of CBD-rich Cannabis Sativa plants and industrial hemp with up to 1 percent.