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CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs

Give your faithful canine friend the care it deserves with our CBD oil prepared specifically for pooches. CBD oil for dogs can provide various health benefits, from reducing anxiety to improving mobility. And our carefully adjusted concentration is combined with high-quality salmon oil, so it’s a tasty treat for them too!

CBD oil for dogs One 10ml bottle of CBD oil for dogs contains 200mg of the best Dutch Natural Healing hemp extract and pure salmon oil. The use of salmon oil makes the tast..
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CBD oil for dogs One 20ml bottle of CBD oil for dogs contains 400mg of the best Dutch Natural Healing hemp extract and pure salmon oil. The use of salmon oil makes the tast..
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Buy CBD Oil for Dogs

Made from the hemp plant, CBD oil for dogs contains a certain amount of cannabidiol (CBD) in the form of CBD paste or isolate, which is then mixed with a carrier oil so it can be administered to pets easily.

Dutch Natural Healing’s specially made, pet-friendly CBD oil uses the highest quality CBD, hemp seed oil, and salmon oil, making it tastier for dogs. The majority of dogs will happily take this hemp oil supplement on its own, but if not, CBD oil can easily be added to food and treats.

How CBD Oil for Dogs Works

A dog, just like a human, possesses an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This communication network within the body helps regulate all sorts of processes. The ECS works with receptors that are spread all over the body; endocannabinoids work as signalling substances and bind to these receptors to cause an effect. Such as pain, hunger, and happiness.

Some dogs are unable to produce enough endocannabinoids, resulting in an imbalance in the body. Scientific research shows that giving dogs vegetal cannabinoids in the form of CBD oil can stimulate receptors and improve the animal’s well-being.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Consumer feedback shows that canines can experience the same benefits as humans when given regular doses of CBD oil.

These benefits can include:

  • Helping your dog better deal with pain, both the perception of pain and the cause
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Calming dogs that suffer from anxiety
  • Assisting older dogs in improving their mobility
  • General improvement to the animal’s wellbeing
  • Some customers even claim CBD oil for dogs might even help reduce seizures in epileptic dogs.

Although there is a lack of scientific proof to back the benefits listed above, there is an abundance of anecdotal references from dog owners who have seen a measured improvement in their pet’s happiness.

Please note that it might be advisable to discuss your dog’s CBD intake with your veterinarian.

CBD Oil for Dogs - FAQs

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

Dogs can actually process vegetal cannabinoids better than humans, believe it or not, making CBD oil perfectly safe for canines. Our customer feedback and our own studies show that small, regular doses of CBD can really improve a pet’s way of life.

Unlike cats, dogs also have no issue in processing terpenes. This means that a dog could theoretically take the same CBD oil humans can take. However, we would advise against giving your dog THC-rich products and homemade brews.

Can dogs experience any side effects from CBD oil?

Although CBD will not harm your dog, there are a few potential side effects that you should be aware of. Too much CBD oil could make your pet feel sleepy or drowsy, impacting the speed of its reactions. As your dog is unaware where this feeling has come from, it may cause some distress.

This is why we recommend starting with a low dose so your dog can build up a tolerance and become accustomed to the effects of CBD oil.

What dose of CBD should I give my dog?

Working out what dose to give your dog is very easy. As a starting point, you should give your dog 1 drop of CBD oil for every 5 kg of its body weight, two times a day. Advise the effects of this initial dosage for a ten-day period, and increase the dosage if there are no apparent results.

Can CBD help to calm down my dog?

Many dog owners have reported that CBD oil for pets can effectively calm a dog down, even if a dog has suffered from regular bouts of anxiety for many years. CBD can also be taken on a situational basis, such as during fireworks to help calm nervous animals.

How will CBD make my dog feel?

Initially, giving your dog CBD oil may result in your pet feeling a brief feeling of drowsiness or light-headedness. However, if you are using CBD to battle anxiety, it can be much more impactful compared to other alternative treatments.