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Athlete ambassadors in Sports

CBD and sports
CBD and sports

Meet our CBD Sport Ambassadors

Meet the official DNH CBD Sport Ambassadors and discover their amazing achievements, their story and what benefits they experience from using DNH's high quality CBD products

Health is Wealth

At Dutch Natural Healing we believe that 'health is wealth'. And for good health it is inevitable to get enough exercise - within your personal possibilities of course. After all, in many cases an active lifestyle is the key to a healthier or happier life. Moreover, adequate exercise can help decrease or prevent the development of some serious health problems. 

That's why we regularly dedicate ourselves to helping people get or stay in motion in a responsible way. Because where injuries, recovery and physical discomforts sometimes limit sport and exercise, CBD oil offers opportunities in that area. 

CBD and Sports

There are several ways in which athletes can benefit from CBD oil. CBD products are therefore increasingly used by amateur and professional athletes. To shorten their recovery time, for example. But also to help with serious injuries and inflammations. Or to improve their performance thanks to increased focus and things as simple as a good night's sleep. Due to CBD's seemingly versatile effects for athletes, the plant-based food supplement is proving to be a welcome addition in the gym and on the courts. 

Ambassadors of DNH in Sport

The Ambassadors of DNH in Sport agree. A collection of top athletes from around the world, who achieve extreme performance in their field. These people push themselves beyond their own limits on a daily basis in order to become better, faster and stronger than ever - and to achieve inhuman feats. So it is inevitable that they too will occasionally find themselves unable to perform as they are used to due to injury, recovery time or fatigue. 

CBD is said to help these athletes enormously, and in some cases even turns out to be an indispensable ingredient in their recipe for success. Our Sport Ambassadors are happy to share their experiences with CBD in their sport, to inform other athletes (professional and amateur) about the benefits of hemp oil before, during and after physical exercise. As such, together we are committed to a more active society, with fewer health problems. 

Meet our CBD Sport Ambassadors

Meet the official DNH CBD Sport Ambassadors and discover their amazing achievements, their story and what benefits they experience from using DNH's high quality CBD products: 

CBD Products for Athletes

While almost all CBD products could provide benefits for athletes, there are some that our ambassadors prefer:

CBD Oil 8% - CBD Oil 8% is our unparalleled recipe for the most terpene- and cannabinoid-rich CBD oil on the market. This complete and versatile CBD oil is great for both daytime and evening use. The perfect cannabinoid supplement for a daily maintenance dose. 

CBD Patches - CBD Patches from Dutch Natural Healing are subtle topical patches for external use. A special technology combined with your body heat guarantees a slow release of the 15-30mg of high quality Cannabidiol in the patch. As a result, CBD Patches by DNH provide long-lasting relief from 24 up to 36 hours. 

CBDActive+ - CBDActive+ is a water-soluble CBD product that offers an effect up to 10x stronger than regular CBD oil - with the same amount of active ingredients - thanks to its enhanced absorption. Because of the unique way in which this product is absorbed by your body, it offers relatively fast and potent effects. Users also indicate that they experience a more active effect of this CBD, compared to regular CBD. This makes the product particularly suitable to take before you start exercising.

Benefits of CBD in Sport

A growing group of athletes - both professional and amateur - are reporting benefits from CBD oil. Although there is a wide variety of reasons why these people use CBD products. Some of the most commonly heard benefits these athletes say they experience from hemp oil include: 

  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Faster recovery from injury and inflammation
  • Less muscle pain
  • Better performance
  • Better (night) rest

Try CBD by DNH and discover the possible benefits yourself!

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