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CBD for Anxiety

CBD for Anxiety

CBD is an effective way of reducing the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression; ideal if you're looking for a way to feel relaxed and calm. You can also use CBD for better sleep, which can positively impact your mood and well-being. Take a look at our vast range of products, or try one of our affordable CBD bundles.

CBDactive+ water-soluble CBD Unique mix of 10 ml BioACTIVE+ and Dutch Natural Healing's proven effective CBD Paste. The CBD concentration in this product is 8%, but the eff..
Ex Tax:£40,42
Water-soluble CBD We developed CBDactive+ as a water-soluble form of CBD. It's up to 10 times more effective than regular CBD oil, because it's so much easier for your body t..
Ex Tax:£30,71
Premium Gold CBD oil 25% (2500mg) - 10ml
-35 %
Premium Gold CBD oil - High concentration Cannabidiol One 10ml bottle Premium Gold CBD oil contains an amazingly high concentration of 2500mg Cannabidiol (25% CBD) from our..
£69,68 £106,71
Ex Tax:£63,93
Extra-strong steady-release CBD patches (30mg) Dutch Natural Healing CBD patches are a topical solution delivering up to 30mg of CBD sourced from a premium, organic, raw hemp..
Ex Tax:£24,23
High quality CBD oil CBD oil 8% by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven effective and 100% organic hemp extract. Due to the unique 1:1 dilution of the extract with ..
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Drinkable, water-soluble CBD CBDactive+ is a water-soluble form of CBD that's up to 10 times more effective than regular CBD oil. Because it's water-soluble, it's more bioava..
Ex Tax:£56,60
Premium CBD Gold Oil 25% (5000mg) - 20ml
-30 %
Premium Gold: our most powerful CBD oil Each 20ml bottle of Premium Gold contains 5000mg of cannabidiol. That's 25% pure, full-spectrum CBD, with the fullest possible entoura..
£113,78 £163,17
Ex Tax:£104,38
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Reduce Anxiety and Stress with CBD

It's easy to see why stress is known as the ''silent killer''. According to the WHO, depression is the number one disease of the 21st century. 

Stress and anxiety are often treated with heavy medication that includes many possible side effects, including drowsiness, headaches, aggression and sexual dysfunction. Some medications can even be addictive and harmful to the body with continuous or excessive use.

CBD supplements are a natural way of reducing anxiety and depression without the dangerous side effects.

How is CBD Used for Anxiety?

Research on animals and humans shows that CBD acts as an antipsychotic.

Hemp oil appears to be effective in reducing the anxiety associated with public speaking, for example. Other research shows CBD could reduce sleeplessness and anxiety in children with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

How does CBD reduce anxiety? CBD affects the serotonin receptors in the brain, responsible for regulating social behaviour and mood. 

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CBD products to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

At Dutch Natural Healing, we offer a wide range of CBD products that can be used in different ways. help reduce stress and anxiety

Our CBD products that can help to reduce anxiety include:

If you would like to learn more about how CBD can help with anxiety or which products are right for you, get in touch with our support team today

CBD for Anxiety – FAQs

Does CBD Make You Feel ''High''?

No. CBD products don't contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound in cannabis associated with getting high or ''stoned''. 

However, CBD can help make you feel more relaxed and mellow, which is excellent for reducing anxiety or promoting healthier sleep.

Can CBD Reduce Anxiety in Pets?

Yes. Dogs and Cats can suffer from anxiety, and CBD can be an effective, natural way to calm them down.

CBD oil for pets can provide temporary relief during stressful situations. Alternatively, it can be administered on a longer-term basis for dogs or cats with chronic anxiety.