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CBD Patches

CBD Patches
Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD patches are an easy-to-use and discrete option to enjoy CBD instead of consuming it orally. Apply our patches to specific areas in your body where you need it most - feel the benefits within 20 minutes, lasting for up to 36 hours!
Extra-strong steady-release CBD patches (30mg) Dutch Natural Healing CBD patches are a topical solution delivering up to 30mg of CBD sourced from a premium, organic, raw hemp..
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Lavender essential oil infused CBD patches (15mg) These Dutch Natural Healing CBD patches with lavender offer the perfect unique therapeutic combination, designed to contribu..
Ex Tax:£16,14
Organic CBD patches Dutch Natural Healing's topical CBD patches are a subtle, effective way to take CBD. If you don't get on with CBD oil, capsules, CBD isolate (crystals), o..
Ex Tax:£16,14
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Long-Lasting CBD Patches For Topical Use

Dutch Natural Healing CBD patches are an effective option for using CBD and are an alternative to other forms of CBD; such as CBD oil, water-soluble CBD, and Pure CBD paste or isolates. Cannabinoid-enriched patches are easy to apply but designed for topical use only, which means they deliver the active ingredients derived from hemp differently than orally consumed CBD.

Dutch Natural Healing’s topical CBD patches are transparent with a colored grid, which slowly fades out once the CBD is absorbed. This appearance is designed to be harder to spot and you can place these patches anywhere on your body without them being noticed easily.

THC-Free CBD Patches

Our topically applied CBD patches are tested by a third-party laboratory and are 100 PERCENT THC FREE. This means that these patches will not cause you to feel “high” or “stoned”, instead they contain 15mg to 30mg of high-quality CBD per patch. Opt for our Extra Strong CBD patches for 30mg of fast-acting relief.

Want to check if the CBD patch you already have contains any authentic CBD? Try using our CBD detection kit.

Transdermally Absorbed CBD

Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD patches are applied to the skin and the active ingredients penetrate through the skin and can enter your bloodstream. This process is sometimes referred to as “transdermal absorption.”

However, normally cannabinoids are not able to pass through the skin - due to it functioning as a barrier against potentially harmful compounds. Our topical patches are developed to ensure efficient and effective absorption of CBD through the skin and into the body.

4 Key Benefits of Using DNH’s CBD Patches

Here are some of the benefits that customers regularly experience with CBD topical patches:

  1. Helps manage physical discomfort
  2. Eases pain from long-term or chronic conditions and injuries
  3. Supports a healthy sleep cycle
  4. Aids in relaxation by reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety

For example, placing a CBD patch on your neck or shoulder helps many DNH customers feel relief within 20 minutes, and these effects can persist over 36 hours! However, results can vary across individuals.

Topical DNH CBD Patches

Topical CBD Patches - 450 mg Cannabidiol

The regular DNH CBD topical patch contains 15 mg of high-quality cannabidiol per patch. This package contains 5 sheets carrying 6 patches per sheet which give you a total of 450 mg.

Regular CBD patches are available for $21.37 ($0.04 per mg of CBD) on the Dutch Natural Healing webshop.

Get regular 450 mg CBD patches.

Topical CBD Patches - Extra Strong 900 mg Cannabidiol

The newest of our available CBD patches contains 30 mg of CBD per patch, for a total of 900 mg of cannabidiol spread over 30 patches and 5 sheets. This comes at $32.32 which works out at $0.04 per mg of CBD. Find these on our online store.

Get Extra Strong 900 mg CBD patches.

Topical CBD Patches For Sleep 450 mg CBD + Lavender Essential Oil

Our CBD patches for sleep are designed to give you a better night's rest. These patches combine the relaxing properties of lavender with the benefits of CBD, to help relax your body and mind at night.

A fusion of the effects of lavender and CBD; this product is ideal for those who want to improve their sleep.

Get lavender + 450 mg CBD sleep patches.


How do I apply topical CBD patches?

Topical CBD patches are easy to apply, just follow these steps:

  • Place the CBD patch on a dry and hairless spot near the affected area or you can put one on your upper arm.
  • Press the patch onto the skin gently for 5 seconds.
  • Remove the patch from your skin after 12 - 36 hours.

What do topical CBD patches feel like?

CBD patches applied to the skin have different effects than those taken orally Topically applied CBD patches are highly effective and absorb the CBD into your body efficiently. Orally consumed CBD can sometimes be less effective due to the processes in the digestive system.

This effective absorption of CBD can promote feelings of relaxation and sedation, according to customers. The relaxing effect starts in the area where the patch was applied, and then spreads throughout the body, finally making you feel more relaxed mentally.

How long do the effects of topical CBD patches last?

Topically applied CBD patches can last for a long time (between 12 to 36 hours) due to controlled delivery of the cannabidiol in the patches.

Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD patches have a controlled release system that uses the heat generated by the human body to melt the thin layers of cannabidiol embedded in the adhesive material. This ensures that the cannabidiol is not released into the body all in one go, but is instead absorbed gradually, throughout the day.