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CBD-A Oil 8% (800mg) - 10ml

CBD-A Oil 8% (800mg) - 10ml
CBD-A Oil 8% (800mg) - 10ml
CBD-A Oil 8% (800mg) - 10ml
CBD-A Oil 8% (800mg) - 10ml
CBD-A Oil 8% (800mg) - 10ml
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  • Drops: ± 225
  • Quantity CBD: 8% (±3mg CBD-A + CBD per drop)
  • Type of oil: Full Spectrum CBD oil (RAW)
  • Meaning: All terpenes and cannabinoids present
  • Benefits: Oldest and best CBD oil available, as nature intended
  • Taste: Vegetal and slightly sour
  • Suitable for: The whole family

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CBD-A oil (8%)

Our 8% CBD-A oil is harvested raw from pure organic hemp and processed right away to preserve its quality. The result: a smooth, natural hemp seed oil with 4% cannabidiolic acid (CBD-A) and 4% cannabidiol (CBD).

Each bottle also includes a full spectrum of natural cannabinoids for a powerful entourage effect, including CBG, CBN, and CBC. It's scented with its own terpenes and terpenoids for extra flavour and punch. We're convinced it's one of the most effective, raw CBD-A oils on the market.

What is cannabidiolic acid?

Cannabidiolic acid (CBD-A) is exactly what it sounds like: the acidic form of CBD. It's the natural form of CBD while it's still inside the hemp plant.

CBD-A turns into CBD through a process called decarboxylation, when the plant dries naturally or is heated during oil production. The chemical reaction splits CBD-A into CBD and carbon dioxide.

We extract our CBD-A from raw, fresh, and unprocessed hemp — just the way nature made it. Then we blend it with other hemp extracts and oils to create a full-spectrum, balanced oil that interacts perfectly with your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

What's in the bottle?

Hempoil first pressing (50%) | Hempseed oil (50%) | Full spectrum with 400mg CBD-A and 400 mg CBD (800mg total)

Using CBD-A oil

  • Shake the bottle before use.
  • Place 2-3 drops under the tongue, twice or three times a day.
  • Wait one minute for absorption, then swallow.
  • Increase dosage after 10-14 days, if desired.
  • Store at room temperature.

  CBD-A Oil is a dietary supplement and is intended to support general wellbeing and is not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition. Consult your healthcare professional if you use medication or when conditions persist.

Drops ± 225
Quantity CBD8% (±3mg CBD-A + CBD per drop)
Type of oil Full Spectrum CBD oil (RAW)
Meaning All terpenes and cannabinoids present
Benefits Oldest and best CBD oil available, as nature intended
Taste Vegetal and slightly sour
Suitable for The whole family

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