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CBD oil 8% (825mg) - 10 ml

CBD oil 8% (825mg) - 10 ml
CBD oil 8% (825mg) - 10 ml
CBD oil 8% (825mg) - 10 ml
CBD oil 8% (825mg) - 10 ml
CBD oil 8% (825mg) - 10 ml
CBD oil 8% (825mg) - 10 ml
CBD oil 8% (825mg) - 10 ml
CBD oil 8% (825mg) - 10 ml
CBD oil 8% (825mg) - 10 ml
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  • Drops: ± 225
  • Quantity CBD: 8% (±3,5mg CBD per drop)
  • Type of oil: Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • Meaning: All terpenes and cannabinoids present
  • Benefits: Oldest and best CBD oil available, as nature intended
  • Taste: Vegetable, sweet and rich
  • Suitable for: The whole family

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High quality CBD oil

CBD oil 8% by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven effective and 100% organic hemp extract. Due to the unique 1:1 dilution of the extract with hemp seed oil, one 10ml bottle contains 825mg of the highest quality CBD.

Besides a high concentration of CBD, this oil also contains cannabinoids as CBG, CBN and CBC. In addition, CBD oil 8% includes aromatic terpenes and terpenoids which give the oil a pleasant taste and support the product’s entourage effect. After all, that is how nature intended the plant to be. By respecting the plant’s natural ingredients and keeping our products fresh and lab-tested; CBD oil by Dutch Natural Healing is arguably one of the most effective CBD oils available today.

Organically grown and refined ingredients

Hempoil first pressing (50%) | Hempseed oil (50%) | Full spectrum with 825mg CBD | A drop of mint or lemon, if desired for a better taste.

CBD Usage

  • Shake well before every use
  • Place 2-3 drops under tongue 2-3 times a day and swallow after a minute
  • Increase dosage when desired after 10-14 days
  • Store at room temperature

CBD Oil is a dietary supplement and is intended to support general wellbeing and is not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition. Consult your healthcare professional if you use medication or when conditions persist.

Drops ± 225
Quantity CBD8% (±3,5mg CBD per drop)
Type of oil Full Spectrum CBD oil
Meaning All terpenes and cannabinoids present
Benefits Oldest and best CBD oil available, as nature intended
Taste Vegetable, sweet and rich
Suitable for The whole family

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Yes, CBD oil is safe to use in traffic. Especially considering CBD does not cause a high or stoned feeling, nor does it alter your conscience.
Considering that CBD oil does not contain high amounts of THC - when made correctly by a trusted producer like Dutch Natural Healing - it is safe to say CBD oil will not get you high.
CBD oil is often consumed by dropping a few drops under the tongue with a pipette, and letting it sit for at least a minute before swallowing it. This allows the available CBD to be absorbed better through the mouth’s mucous membrane. For easier and cleaner dosing of CBD oil, we also offer the possibility to order a loose spray-head with your CBD oil product.
Full Spectrum CBD oil does contain trace amounts of THC. Though Dutch Natural Healing makes sure the THC-levels in our products stay under 0,05%, in compliance of EU-regulations. With these low amounts it is impossible to experience a high or stoned feeling; and the products are 100% legal in most countries.
Depending on your physical condition, needs and desires, there are numerous CBD products and CBD oils to choose from. To know what CBD product is best for your needs, feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to give you personal advice and help you select the right hemp oil. Based on scientific research and customer experience, we always find the best CBD product to help you.

Consumers say our CBD oil helps support their health and overall well-being in numerous ways, and this seems to be supported by a growing number of scientific studies. Although we cannot make any medical claims about this food supplement, nor is any of the information you find on our website meant as medical advice. Always contact a medical doctor when ailments persist or don’t get better with CBD oil. Learn more about what CBD does here.

When talking about CBD oil, many companies mention a certain percentage. Percentages of CBD oil may vary from anywhere between 1% to 50%; and they show the concentration rate of Cannabidiol in the product. So, a 10ml bottle with 25% CBD would mean the product contains roughly 2500mg CBD. Yet a 20ml bottle with 25% CBD comes to a total of 5000mg CBD. When buying CBD oil, do not only look at the percentage of CBD; but rather check the contents (or compare costs) per mg of CBD.
The right CBD dosage may vary per person. It is believed that this has to do with a difference in the amount of CB-receptors each person has in his or her body. These receptors are part of our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for our body’s interaction with vegetal cannabinoids as CBD. We often recommend to start off with 1 or 2 drops, 1-2 times a day and work the dosage up when needed. For advice on CBD dosage and use, please contact us.
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