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Extra Strong CBD Topical Patches 900mg - 30 x 30mg

Extra Strong CBD Topical Patches 900mg - 30 x 30mg
Extra Strong CBD Topical Patches 900mg - 30 x 30mg
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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Quantity CBD: 30mg per patch (900mg)
  • Content: 6 patches per sheet (30 total)
  • Type product: Topical patch with CBD
  • Meaning: Slow-released through the skin
  • Benefits: Effective up to 36 hours
  • Color: Transparent
  • Packaging: 5 sheets in an envelope
  • Suitable for: Adults

A pack of 30 premium-quality high strength CBD Topical Patches — each delivering a 30mg transdermal dose of pure, 100% natural CBD.

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Fair and high quality CBD products

Extra-strong steady-release CBD patches (30mg)

Dutch Natural Healing CBD patches are a topical solution delivering up to 30mg of CBD sourced from a premium, organic, raw hemp product.

The CBD included in these topical patches features high bioavailability, making them the perfect replacement for other CBD products like CBD oils or CBD isolates. Each pack contains 30 separate patches, each containing 30mg of high-quality CBD. 

High-strength CBD delivered with a steady release mechanism

Topical patches are a great way to supplement your wellness routine, offering a convenient but potent mechanism for CBD absorption. They slowly release a round-the-clock dose of CBD through your skin, with a 12-36 hour window of effectiveness. 

That means you can get long-lasting benefits without having to take multiple supplements every day. They’re completely free from THC, but contain a high dose of CBD as tested by the CBD Test Purple Kit.

But it’s not just their potency and long-lasting nature that makes CBD patches one of the best ways to ingest CBD. They’re also highly convenient and super-discrete. You can wear them on any patch of skin without hair, meaning they’re easily hidden underneath clothing. And you don’t have to remember a complicated oral dosing schedule – just put a patch on and go about your day.

Easy-to-use CBD patches for the ultimate convenience

We designed our CBD patches to be as easy to use as possible, so everybody can get the benefits of topical CBD. Follow these simple steps when you get yours:

  1. Dry off a patch of hairless skin, preferably on the upper arm
  2. Take a single patch and lightly press it onto the prepared skin, holding for around five seconds
  3. Remove the patch when it’s used up, which could take anywhere from 12-36 hours

There’s a handy coloured grid pattern included on the outside of the patch which fades as the CBD is absorbed by your body, so you’ll know when it’s time to move on to a new one.

Quantity CBD 30mg per patch (900mg)
Content 6 patches per sheet (30 total)
Type product Topical patch with CBD
Meaning Slow-released through the skin
Benefits Effective up to 36 hours
Color Transparent
Packaging 5 sheets in an envelope
Suitable for Adults

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