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Pure CBD

Pure CBD

Our pure CBD products contain a high percentage of raw, pure, undiluted hemp extract, so you gain the maximum benefits. Discover more about our high-quality, organic CBD pastes and CBD isolate.

Pure CBD Paste from Organic Hemp Dutch Natural Healing’s The Pure CBD paste syringe from Dutch Natural Healing is a full-spectrum CBD supplement. Each dispenser contains a mi..
Ex Tax:£56,60
Pure CBD paste This handy dosing syringe is loaded with 2 grams of the purest CBD paste — extracted from organic hemp and with a minimum of 310mg cannabidiol. We recommend st..
Ex Tax:£20,19
Premium CBD paste Our CBD paste is extracted from organic hemp plants and put straight into dosing syringes — so when it reaches you, it's fresh and full of CBD. Each syringe..
Ex Tax:£32,33
1000mg CBD Isolate with 99.8% CBD Crystals Our CBD Isolate contains 1000mg of pure CBD crystals from premium organic hemp. It’s one of the purest and most potent forms of CBD..
Ex Tax:£22,66
3000mg CBD Isolate with 99.8% CBD Crystals CBD Isolate from DNH has a 99.8% purity level and offers one of the most potent CBD products available. Containing 3000mg of pure C..
Ex Tax:£63,12
5000mg CBD Isolate with 99.8% CBD Crystals Our 5000mg CBD Isolate is carefully cultivated from top-quality organic hemp to form the most potent CBD product on the market. It ..
Ex Tax:£89,96
99.8% Pure Cannabigerol Isolate Crystals from DNH Dutch Natural Healing’s CBG Isolate Crystals are the purest and most potent you can find. Containing 1000mg in each jar, the..
Ex Tax:£25,49
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Pure CBD Products From Dutch Natural Healing

Pure CBD is extracted from the hemp plant through CO2 extraction. This means it is in its most raw and potent state. 

For CBD crystals, this extract is refined, carefully separating other cannabinoids and terpenes from the CBD, meaning pure CBD.

We offer pure CBD in two primary forms: CBD paste and CBD isolate.

Pure CBD Paste

Pure CBD Paste is a raw and unprocessed extract from EU-certified hemp plants. 

We obtain it using a supercritical CO2 extraction method, resulting in a clean and complete hemp extract. Depending on when the hemp plants are harvested, CBD paste can vary in colour, ranging from dark green to brown or gold.

Usually sold in syringes, CBD paste is measured by the gram. Dutch Natural Healing CBD Paste contains 15.5% of high-quality CBD, which means the extract carries 155 mg of Cannabidiol per gram.

As a rough guide, there are:

  • 310 mg in 2 grams of CBD paste
  • 775mg in 5 grams of CBD paste
  • 1550 mg Cannabidiol in 10 grams of CBD paste

Pure CBD Isolate Crystals

Pure CBD Isolate (otherwise known as CBD crystals) contains 99.8% cannabidiol, making it the purest form of CBD available.

CBD isolate is obtained by refining hemp extracts to separate all other substances from the Cannabidiol in the extract. This results in a pure, isolated, and crystallised form of the cannabinoid.

Pure CBD - FAQs

What is Pure CBD Called?

Pure CBD is the common name for CBD isolate. This means the isolate is just pure CBD and contains no trace of THC.

How Can You Tell if CBD is Pure?

Pure CBD products are verified by a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). This certificate confirms that the product is a high-quality CBD isolate. The testing is done by an external third-party laboratory to check the product's CBD content and verify it is safe for use.

You can also test your CBD at home using a home CBD test kit – this provides a guide to the percentage of CBD a product contains in less than two minutes.

How much Pure CBD Should I Take?

We advise starting small to build a tolerance and reduce the risk of adverse effects. Start with 10mg twice daily, and increase the dosage by 5 to 10mg if necessary after ten days.

However, we always recommend consulting with your doctor before taking CBD to rule out any issues.

How Long Does Pure CBD Last?

Pure CBD has a shelf-life of about one to two years, making it ideal for people who prefer CBD sporadically. 

We recommend storing your pure CBD in a cool, dark place.

What is the Difference Between CBD and THC?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is mainly extracted from the hemp plant; THC comes from the cannabis plant. 

THC products such as weed oil and THC oil can have a psychoactive effect, whereas CBD products do not. With CBD, you will not feel ''high'' or ''stoned'' in the same way as you would with consuming THC.

Our Pure CBD products, like CBD paste only contain trace amounts of THC, in compliance with strict European laws. Meanwhile, isolated CBD Crystals are completely free of THC if you are looking to avoid it entirely.

Buy Pure CBD from Dutch Natural Healing

At Dutch Natural Healing, we offer a wide selection of CBD products, all of the highest quality.

Our range includes: