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CBD for Sex

CBD for Sex

CBD products designed for sex can be used to enhance pleasure and promote relaxation for an even more enjoyable time in the bedroom. Give your mind, body and relationship a boost with our natural CBD products, which can also increase performance and endurance.

CBD numbing spray for men This sensual spray is designed to increase stamina and pleasure during sex. Powered by organic cannabidiol (CBD) from Dutch Natural Healing, this 20..
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Better sex, the natural way Our Clit Spray is enhanced with CBD for a more sensual experience. We've carefully blended pure cannabidiol with essential oils for improved pleas..
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Our CBD Products for Sex

CBD can help to improve pleasure in the bedroom, as well as enhancing performance during sex. It’s grown in popularity over the last few years and we’re pleased to now offer a range of CBD products specifically designed for use before or during sex. 

Our CBD lubricants prevent dryness and help improve both partners’ sex lives. It’s even thought that CBD may also tackle erectile dysfunction by helping to relax blood vessels in the penis, although there is no scientific research to back this up as yet.

CBD intimate massage gel

Cannabidiol (CBD) is well-known for its ability to support general health and wellbeing. But in recent years, more and more people are discovering new ways that they can benefit from hemp extract. 

One of these ways is by using it during sex to boost performance, endurance and sensation. Our intimate CBD massage gels can naturally increase your pleasure in the bedroom, bringing you closer to your partner. 

CBD Lubricants

Our CBD lubricants have a stimulating effect and are made with all-natural ingredients. They’re safe to use in sensitive areas and can even bring about greater pleasure this way, as these areas have extremely high bioavailability of cannabinoids.

CBD numbing lubricant 

Our CBD numb spray for men can increase stamina and endurance in the bedroom. It’s based on a naturally lubricating grape seed oil that’s been enriched with CBD, and is available in a handy spray.

This CBD-powered lubricant is specifically designed for men to use in their intimate area, and has a beneficial effect upon both partners’ pleasure. The skin of the penis has high bioavailability of plant-natural cannabinoids, so using a CBD numbing spray here can greatly increase stamina and endurance. 

According to consumer feedback, the activation of the endocannabinoid receptors on the penis also results in noticeably more intense orgasms.

We’ve added therapeutic terpenes and essential oils to our CBD numb spray. These not only add an alluring aroma, but also contribute to CBD’s stimulating effect. The scent is relaxing, setting the mood for a night of enjoyment.

CBD Sensual Clit Spray

Our CBD clit spray for women is purposefully designed for use on intimate areas and can be used to increase pleasure and endurance during sex. 

It’s made with the finest organic grape seed oil as a base, resulting in a comfortable feeling on the skin and a naturally lubricating effect. Our clit spray with CBD has an activating and stimulating effect on the endocannabinoid receptors around women’s intimate areas.

This self-care product is highly effective and smells incredible, thanks to the addition of aromatic and therapeutic terpenes, and essential oils. The sensual smell helps you to relax before sex and the combination of ingredients has been designed to maximise pleasure and performance.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors around the vagina are activated when using our full spectrum CBD clit spray. The result of this is heightened stamina and a relaxed sensation, which can contribute to orgasms that are noticeably more intense, 

Find out more about our CBD clit spray and its ingredients here.

FAQs about CBD Sex Products

How does CBD for sex work?

The human body is full of receptors that form part of the endocannabinoid system. These receptors and the cannabinoids that are extracted from hemp can bind together to affect various processes in our bodies, including those surrounding our sex organs when we use CBD sex products.

There are a large number of receptors on our skin, which can be stimulated by using cannabinoids topically. This is one of the reasons why CBD cosmetics are gaining popularity, and also explains the efficacy of our innovative CBD patches.

These endocannabinoid receptors have been proven to be especially well represented in the body’s most intimate areas. This suggests that using CBD lubricants or CBD-powered intimate massage gels could have a positive stimulating effect before, during, and after sexual activities.

Can CBD help erectile dysfunction?

CBD offers a range of sexual benefits - and early feedback suggests that helping to reverse erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of these. Unfortunately, there haven’t yet been many studies to back this up. 

However, CBD has been proven to help reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow generally. This logic leads a lot of people to believe that CBD can be an effective supplement to relieve ED and lead to longer-lasting sex.

When is the best time to take CBD for sex?

Like most forms of CBD, CBD sex products can be taken before, during, and after sex to potentially help:

  • Promote relaxation
  • Increase endurance, performance, and pleasure
  • Prevent dryness
  • Potentially avoid erectile dysfunction

It’s important to find what works best for you, so we always advise trying different products and using them at different times to ensure you get the desired effect.