If you’ve been with us over the past few years, you know we care the world about our customers. Even if you’ve just joined ‘the club’, chances are you might’ve already enjoyed our high quality CBD oil; with a matching level of customer service. This ranges from quick and adequate replies to customers’ questions, to making sure the ordered products arrive as soon as possible. To ensure this same level of service for customers who order CBD oil online in Italy, we decided to launch a franchise there. With an Italian-speaking support-team and local distribution for speedy delivery:

Best CBD oil

At Dutch Natural Healing we pride ourselves on our high quality CBD products. In comparison to many other hemp companies these days; our focus lies on delivering the best possible CBD oil and other hemp supplements. Products that actually make a difference, and have proven effective by improving the lives of millions of people worldwide.

This ranges from traditional CBD oils and pure hemp extracts (CBD paste and isolate crystals); to a balanced full-plant CBG oil, for example. However, our efforts regarding research and development have brought us a number of innovative and highly unique supplements, too. One of the most popular and effective products from this range, is our water soluble CBDactive+. Though our Curcumin CBD edition and CBD HQ oil are not to be overlooked either.

High quality customer service

But to really make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible, we need more than just good working products. Because it’s needless to say, that vegetal cannabinoids as Cannabidiol (CBD) are not as self-evident for everyone. That is why we are available (almost) 24/7 to share advice and information about the use and possible effects of our CBD oil products.

In our head-office, our team was already able to offer support in +/- 6 different languages to cater to our worldwide customers. Very handy, considering our products are sent to every corner of the world. Normally, this goes pretty quick and supple. However, we found that our Italian customers often had trouble finding our website and found it difficult to navigate in English. Moreover, they had to wait too long for their parcels to arrive; and possibly required a more local and personal approach.

CBD oil in Italy

So, to ensure the nice people of Italy know where to find the best CBD oil, we’ve decided to launch a fully Italian CBD webshop on dutchnaturalhealing.it. An official franchise ran by one of our most valued partners, focused on delivering the full Dutch Natural Healing experience there. Offering the complete DNH-assortiment, from our highly effective CBD oils to our tasty and relaxing CBD Tea Blends and other DNH specials.

We believe this is needed to bring the hemp industry in this European country to the next level. Because regardless of the fact that Italy is expanding enormously in terms of hemp farms and smokeable CBD products; there is still a huge and unanswered demand for truly effective hemp supplements like CBD oil in Italy. Until now, that is!

Local support and speedy delivery

Italian customers ordering from our IT-franchise webshop can rest assured that our partner delivers the true and trusted DNH-experience. From a professional and easy to reach customer support-team in Italian - to the fast delivery of online CBD orders thanks to the local distribution of all shipments. While it will always remain possible to order your CBD products to Italy from dutchnaturalhealing.com, too. We recommend all Italian speaking customers and -residents, to order the best CBD oil in Italy from dutchnaturalhealing.it; for the best support and quickest delivery.