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Sign up as an ambassador and share your passion for health with Dutch Natural Healing CBD products. As an ambassador of Dutch Natural Healing you help spread our mission among your network, while you earn from every purchase through your channel.

DNH Ambassadors

Become an ambassador

You become an affiliate or ambassador of DNH if you have an above-average interest in CBD oil and other hemp products; whether you are a novice user or an experienced consumer. Of course you also have an advantage if you have a healthy lifestyle (and share it via social media) and like to spend your time on improving your physical and mental well-being. Are you a (micro-)influencer with an organic audience and engagement? Then sign up now!


  • Familiar with or interested in (the effects and benefits) of CBD
  • Popular on social media with engaged followers
  • Improving your (physical and mental) health


  • Free CBD products based on your needs
  • Exclusive discount code for your followers
  • Generous compensation for every purchase through your network


Dutch Natural Healing offers every ambassador free CBD products, completely tailored to the personal needs of the recipient. So that you have the best tools to help convince your followers of the benefits of DNH's CBD oils; and other products like CBD Cosmetics or our innovative items like CBD Patches and CBD Nasal Spray.


You are offered an exclusive, personal discount code for your followers to use on So you not only promote our products, but you can actually offer your followers an advantage by using your discount code.


Because we value your support, you will receive generous compensation for every purchase through your discount code. Thus one hand washes the other while we make people happy with the best, ISO-certified CBD products on the market. As we also offer you an opportunity to turn your online presence into a valuable source of income.