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Learn everything you need to know about the organic CBD products by Dutch Natural Healing. In these blogs, you’ll find information on the effects of CBD oil, CBG oil and other cannabinoids. But also interesting scientific information and innovations in the field of CBD and other hemp-derived substances. Besides, you’ll find the latest news about our company on our blog page - to ensure you’re the first to know about our developments.

Submerge yourself into the world of hemp and CBD and learn with us in our CBD blogs! Are there any subjects or is there specific information missing on this page? Tip our editors through our contact form and include ‘Blog tip’ in the subject.

02 Mar Order Dutch CBD oil after BREXIT: UK availability and shipping
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BREXIT is a fact, and since the beginning of 2021, the United Kingdom (UK) is no longer part of the European Union (EU). Obviously, this has had an impact on the ex- and import of many goods from and into the country. While some consumers might be worried about what this means for when they order CB..
01 Mar Potential side-effects of CBD: what are the downsides to hemp oil?
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Hemp oil is a natural food supplement, which is widely used for a variety of health problems and discomforts. But with the growing interest in its main ingredient Cannabidiol (CBD), there’s also been a rising demand for more information about the cannabinoid. One of the questions we’ve been asked re..
22 Feb Terpenes in CBD oil: an easy guide to the aromatic compounds in hemp
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Hemp is an amazing plant with a complex biochemical make-up. Including various compounds, of which some have surprising properties or even a serious therapeutical value. While you might know something about hemp’s cannabinoids, like Cannabidiol (CBD). There are other types of elements from hemp we s..
19 Feb
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15 Feb Hemp seed oil vs. Hemp oil: the difference and various uses
0 1241
Hemp is a very versatile plant, giving us almost everything we need to survive. Some of the most common hemp-derived products however, are hemp seed oil and hemp oil. Two popular substances with some similarities, and great differences too. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover the dif..
08 Feb CBD and fibromyalgia: how hemp oil might help treat symptoms
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Patients with fibromyalgia often find it difficult to treat their condition and decrease its symptoms. This might be due to the extreme complexity of the disease and the large variety of possible symptoms. However, scientists now believe that vegetal cannabinoids like CBD could help fight fibromyalg..
01 Feb Getting used to hemp: can you build up a (reversed) tolerance for CBD oil?
0 1616
Hemp oil is a popular and natural product which is widely used in efforts to soothe a variety of physical and mental ailments. However, its main ingredient Cannabidiol (CBD) might raise a few questions for first-time users. One of the concerns we hear more often, is that consumers could possibly bui..
25 Jan CBD for Autism: how hemp oil could help treat Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
0 1957
Autism is a difficult to treat disorder with no available cures. Mainly because of the many different causes and symptoms it can bring about. However, many patients (and their parents) are desperate for an effective treatment. Considering autism spectrum disorder (ASD) - as it is actually called - g..
22 Jan Order CBD oil in Italy: DNH opens franchise for local support and fast delivery
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If you’ve been with us over the past few years, you know we care the world about our customers. Even if you’ve just joined ‘the club’, chances are you might’ve already enjoyed our high quality CBD oil; with a matching level of customer service. This ranges from quick and adequate replies to customer..
18 Jan CBD and CBG oil to treat fungal infections: how does it work?
0 2014
CBD oil is often mentioned in relation to (chronic) pain, mental disorders and auto-immune diseases. However, there are ailments people usually don’t like to talk about that openly. Take fungal (skin) infections for example. While we could all easily get one, most patients suffering from fungal infe..
11 Jan CBD oil facts: 5 common misconceptions about hemp oil explained
0 1940
It appears the sky is the limit when it comes to the popularity of CBD oil. Though while there’s a growing demand for the products, there are still a few common misconceptions about hemp oil. To settle this once and for all, we’ve decided to bring you the facts and debunk 5 of the most common miscon..
04 Jan Study: ‘Cannabidiol from CBD oil improves blood flow in the brain’
0 1796
It was long unsure what impact hemp actually has on the brain’s function and health. Though with the increased popularity and use of food supplements like CBD oil; there’s also an increased scientific interest into the effects of hemp-derived cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) on the body. With rec..
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