We don’t sent lots of emails and if it wasn’t important, I wouldn’t ask you politely to read my letter. I promise It will make you feel better.

Herewith I would take the opportunity to let you know how proud and thankful I am with you as our loyal customer, ambassador, fan and family member of DNH. As producer and seller of CBD consumer products, DNH already had a positive effect on the wellbeing and health of over millions of people all around the world.

In return for your loyalty, we already gave away more than 25.000 free hemp face masks last year helping to protect you with staying safe. At the same time we cut our prices for over a year so the products where available for everybody. The lockdown measures did put an enormous pressure on people physically and mentally and of course it had a negative effect on us too.

What we also noticed and really value, is people buying CBD to beat the virus. Normally we are in the ’sick-bay’ where our products are chosen to support with pain management and many other ailments. It is very inspiring to see that CBD is acknowledged to support and help. Beside the effect on pain and other ailments, the DNH products also have a rock steady reputation giving mental support and relaxation which is becoming more and more important given the times we are in and we have been in during pandemic. Today it looks like we are all on our way back to life. Good times are coming again.

An article about the battles everyone is in, but none of us knows about, made me decide to step up again and use our capacity and knowledge to help everybody out of the pandemic darkness and into the light. My idea is to develop a very special oil that will focus on the good times that are coming. A sophisticated mix of cannabinoids and terpenes will create an oil that brings relief, more relaxation and will give more confidence and mental resilience. This we got from feedback of our special consumer panel who has been testing the product.

We are producing this Back2life - edition right now and we will offer it for free as a token of our appreciation. We are really thankful for having the sources and opportunity to do this.

This Back2life - edition is for those who can use some mental support and steady thoughts after the pandemic.

For the coming months, this is my contribution to you and your beloved ones and I hope you will experience the same relief as our panel. Regardless the amount of your order, we will ship a free bottle with every order for the next 8 weeks to come.

Because this product is an very nice present to give away, we have also put it in our webshop for a special reduced price.
This free DNH product comes in a 10ml bottle with a convenient spray-head. We advise to administer 1 spray twice a day under the tongue and swallow after a minute. Let it travel with you the coming weeks and give the anticipating endocannabinoid system the proper support on our way back to life.

I wish you all the best and strength if you have to cope with the after effects of the pandemic. Let me use hemp and nature to contribute to your wellbeing.

Lots of love and please be nice to each and everyone.


Of course I have much more to tell you about overcoming the Brexit problems, winning the NOVEL food issues and changing regulations in EU, but we will share that with you later. For now it’s just important you get your free Back2life – edition and keep in mind we have overcome all problems and we can still sell and ship all over the world.