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Learn everything you need to know about the organic CBD products by Dutch Natural Healing. In these blogs, you’ll find information on the effects of CBD oil, CBG oil and other cannabinoids. But also interesting scientific information and innovations in the field of CBD and other hemp-derived substances. Besides, you’ll find the latest news about our company on our blog page - to ensure you’re the first to know about our developments.

Submerge yourself into the world of hemp and CBD and learn with us in our CBD blogs! Are there any subjects or is there specific information missing on this page? Tip our editors through our contact form and include ‘Blog tip’ in the subject.

26 Sep CBD Oil Experiences
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Consumer CBD Oil Experiences and reviews Everyone experiences CBD oil in a different way. First and foremost, because of the fact that consumers might have varying reasons to try CBD or hemp oil in ge..
05 May CBD Patches available variations, benefits and uses
0 1993
Topical CBD Patches are an effective alternative to regular CBD oil. At Dutch Natural Healing we offer various forms of this innovative product besides the regulars; like CBD Patches Sleep and Extra S..
13 Sep The 6 most important preventative benefits of CBD oil in the body
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We know that most consumers use CBD oil to treat certain symptoms or discomforts they might experience. Though what many might not be aware of, is that Cannabidiol (CBD) is a great preventative tool a..
18 Aug Benefits of CBD Nasal Spray- a breathe of fresh air provided by nature
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The latest addition to our portfolio is DNH’s CBD Nasal Spray - the effective and fresh breeze by nature. An innovative supplement which provides a breathe of fresh air thanks to it’s well-balanced in..
19 Mar What is CBD-A Oil? Discover the benefits of Cannabidiolic-acid (CBDa)
0 5583
The hemp plant is home to hundreds of active ingredients which could potentially have a positive impact on your health. While many people are aware of the benefits provided by substances such as CBD a..
15 Mar How to use CBD Paste: dosing and benefits of hemp extracts
0 6508
CBD oil might be one of the best known cannabinoid-supplements on the market today. Though it sure isn’t the only hemp-derived food supplement, used by millions of people in hopes to improve their hea..
10 Aug Benefits of Curcumin with CBD: ‘the best of two worlds’
0 8949
Nature is filled with substances that can have a positive impact on our lives. The ones we focus on most are hemp’s cannabinoids, like CBD. Though these are far from the only organic compounds with po..
20 Apr What is water soluble CBD oil and what are the benefits?
0 18949
As you might know already, here at Dutch Natural Healing we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality CBD oil available. That means we not only offer what you ask for, we also go above and beyond..
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