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Learn everything you need to know about the organic CBD products by Dutch Natural Healing. In these blogs, you’ll find information on the effects of CBD oil, CBG oil and other cannabinoids. But also interesting scientific information and innovations in the field of CBD and other hemp-derived substances. Besides, you’ll find the latest news about our company on our blog page - to ensure you’re the first to know about our developments.

Submerge yourself into the world of hemp and CBD and learn with us in our CBD blogs! Are there any subjects or is there specific information missing on this page? Tip our editors through our contact form and include ‘Blog tip’ in the subject.

14 Jan DNH Newsflash: Cannabis and COVID-19 + 15% Discount
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HEALTHY NEW YEAR and 15% discount First of all, I would like to thank you for your continued trust in 2021 and wish you a prosperous and, above all, healthy 2022. As a company, we once again broke all..
03 Dec Dr. Ganja first official importer and distributor of our EU-made DNH's CBD products in the USA.
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Hemp oil is a popular food supplement, used by millions of people worldwide; in efforts to increase their well-being and support their health. And while CBD consumers in the United States used to rely..
17 Jun Celebrate with us and claim your FREE Back2Life 5% CBD oil
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Good times are ahead! Celebrate with us and get your FREE Back2Life 5% CBD oil - 10ml (500mg) while stock lasts.  As CBD producer, DNH is proud to have positively affected the wellbeing and health of..
22 Jan Order CBD oil in Italy: DNH opens franchise for local support and fast delivery
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If you’ve been with us over the past few years, you know we care the world about our customers. Even if you’ve just joined ‘the club’, chances are you might’ve already enjoyed our high quality CBD oil..
28 Dec CBD in traffic ‘does not impair your driving’, Dutch research claims
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While a large group of people has gotten to know CBD oil as a safe and natural food supplement, offering possible positive effects on our body and mind. Others might still be wary of the way CBD might..
02 Nov Studies: 'CBD oil and Vitamin D3 could help treat and prevent COVID-19'
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While CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are nothing new and proven by various studies. It long remained unclear if and how CBD oil could help treat the novel coronavirus; or aid in reducing COVID..
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