It is no secret that cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) might have amazing effects on the health. Accordingly, many adults turn to the hemp-derived food supplement to help fight all sorts of ailments. Though there is also an increasing group of parents looking into the substance to give to their children. As there is evidence suggesting CBD oil for children could be helpful for a variety of health problems. But is it safe to give CBD to kids? These are five things you should know before using CBD oil for children: 

Breaking down the stigma

There is an immense stigma surrounding hemp oil. As some people are not yet aware that commonly used cannabinoids found in hemp oil - such as Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) - are safe for human consumption. Moreover, they could even be extremely valuable for a good health and well-being; thanks to the cannabinoids’ interaction with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Because of this, supplements like CBD oil are seeing a great increase in popularity. While it is mostly adults using hemp oil to increase their health and well-being in various ways. There is also a growing group of (openminded) parents starting to open up to the idea of giving their child CBD. Inspired - or at least supported - by the incredible amount of anecdotal evidence spread all over the internet. As more and more parents feel that a natural and innocent substance like CBD could be a safer alternative to all sorts of heavy pharmaceutical medication. 

Benefits of CBD for kids

Because - as evidence shared online shows - CBD for kids could be helpful in a variety of situations. Ranging from calming down children with ADHD to helping children with autism and epilepsy soothe their symptoms. In many cases seen online, CBD helps these children decrease their dosage of pharmaceutical meds - or gets them off completely. Relieving many of these kids from the heavy sedative or dangerous medication they’re using. 

These findings are supported by preliminary research. Which prove Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp might be able to decrease symptoms of various ailments in children and aid in the child’s development in some cases - especially compared to when they’re using pharmaceutical medicines. According to the available evidence, mostly children with epilepsy (Dravet’s syndrome, to be precise) and ADHD or autism seem to greatly benefit from CBD oil. Obviously though, there are a few things you should know before giving your kid CBD oil: 

1. Safe and certified CBD oil for children

First and foremost, it is very important to choose safe and certified CBD oil for children. Because let’s be honest, hemp oil made by a neighbor or friend might not be suited for sick kids. Considering it might not be tested for any contaminants. And with a lack of testing, neither can you check if the THC-content is below the 0,2% max. - as determined by lawmakers in the EU. For that matter, it could even be downright THC-rich hemp oil you’re giving your child… Something you definitely don’t want! 

By choosing the ISO certified CBD oil by Dutch Natural Healing, you are guaranteed that the product contains what is written on the label. Completely safe and compliant with EU-regulations. 

2. Anecdotal evidence of kids using CBD 

Another thing to remember, is that much of the evidence found on CBD’s efficacy for kids is anecdotal. Meaning it comes from other parents who share their experience and results using CBD oil to treat their child’s disease. And while we are hopeful, it is simply not realistic to think that what works for some will work for all. So while you can slightly base your experiment on someone else’s experience - your child’s results might be different from theirs. 

3. More research needed 

Accordingly, it’s safe to say more research is needed to know what CBD actually does for children. Sure, there are a couple studies done on the possible benefits of CBD oil for Dravet’s syndrome and autism, to name a few. Though many of the studies’ results are yet to be reviewed by other scientists. Giving us merely an indication of the possible effects of CBD oil for children. 

4. How to start using CBD for children 

When you decide to try using CBD for kids, always consult with your child’s doctor. While healthcare professionals are not always keen on CBD use, especially for children, it is still important to inform them about your choice. Then, ask us for advice on which product could be best suited for your child’s situation. Our experienced CBD customer service team is available almost 24/7 to help you select the right product and starting dosage for your child’s needs. 

In many cases however, we recommend our CBDactive+ for children. Considering this is a water soluble CBD product and can be mixed in with water, for example. Therefor CBDactive+ is way easier to administer to a child compared to drops of oil under the tongue. 

5. Keep it secret or scream it from the rooftops?

It is understandable that you’d want to scream it from the rooftops, when you finally find something that helps your child. However, that is not always advisable. Because of the stigma and misinformation on CBD for children, ignorant people could get the wrong ideas. So be careful who you share your child’s CBD use with, if you do at all. 

At the same time, do make sure to share your experience with parents who could benefit from it, if you get the chance to! This might help them decide to try CBD for kids too; and helps create awareness about the possibilities of using hemp oil for children with certain diseases. 


In conclusion, first talk to your child’s physician or doctor when you’re thinking about giving your kid CBD. Wether he/she agrees with it or not, it’s always better to have them informed. Also check for any possible interactions of CBD with conventional medicines your child might be taking. Then ask for advice on the best product for your child’s needs and start with a low dosage; to slowly build up a tolerance for CBD

Note and keep track of the dosage given and changes you see in your child. This might help you define the right dosage and find the ‘sweet spot’ of not using too much; and getting the best possible results in return! Last but not least, be consistent in the use of CBD for children. It’s no acute medicine, so CBD needs to be used regularly over the course of a couple of weeks to start seeing the first real results in many cases. 

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