There are many different types of hemp oil on the market; and there are many ways of using CBD oil as well. In fact, all these different types of oil and consumption methods can all have different effects on the body. It is advised to take the CBD Oil User Manual below in consideration to experience the best effects of your CBD oil.

Choosing the right CBD oil for the best effects

Firstly we start by selecting the right hemp oil for our needs. Obviously, this begins with finding a trustworthy producer/supplier to order CBD oil from; such as Dutch Natural Healing. After, you can browse the online hemp oil catalogue to find the right product for your needs.

Do you seek a product to help you sleep or help you soothe (chronic) pain; or are you looking for a hemp product to give you more energy during the day? Whatever the desired result is, our dedicated CBD customer support team is happy to guide you in finding the right hemp oil for your personal needs. So if you’re unsure about what CBD oil to purchase online for the best effect, get in touch with us.

CBD oil storage

When you’ve found a CBD product to try, always make sure you store it in the correct way. This helps to keep the product as effective as it was when it left our ISO-certified CBD production facility. So that your body experiences the full benefits hemp oil has to offer.

CBD oil is best stored in a well closed container - like the bottle it comes in - on room temperature. Keeping it too cool could cause the oil to get lumpy and difficult to work with. While heat could possibly impact the oil’s quality. Want to learn more about storing CBD oil. Check out this blog including some handy tips to prevent your CBD oil bottle from leaking.

Shake hemp oil before every use

Shake your bottle of hemp oil well before you start consuming it. Because while all of our CBD and CBG hemp oils are thoroughly mixed and blended - some of the active ingredients might still settle to the bottom of the bottle after a while. Causing you to consume uneven concentrations of cannabinoids throughout the bottle’s usage. If you shake the CBD oil well before every use, you ensure a steady concentration of active ingredients in every drop.

Dosing hemp oil: how much CBD do you need?

Consequently, this helps you to easily calculate the right CBD dosage for your needs and personal situation. Because as you might’ve discovered while browsing our informative and educational CBD blogs - dosing CBD and other cannabinoids is not an exact science. The right dosage of CBD drops actually depends a lot on the consumer and type of product.

So the dose or product you use, might not be the what your neighbor/friend/uncle/mother needs. That’s why we always advise to start low and build your way up. But you can find out more about dosing CBD oil in our blog: ‘Dosing CBD oil: how much CBD should you take?

Using CBD drops under the tongue

Regular CBD oil is often used orally. That means it goes directly into the mouth, without mixing it with a drink like you can with our water-soluble CBDactive+. For the best absorption of the CBD by the body, hemp oil is often consumed by dropping a few drops under the tongue. As the thin mucous tissue there relatively allows the best absorption for your body.

However, CBD can also be used topically in the form of CBD Cosmetics for skincare or CBD Patches for long-lasting relief, for example.

Using CBD drops from a dropper

Most CBD oils come with pipette-dropper caps. These are caps that besides closing the hemp oil bottle, also function as a tool to consume the oil. As you can squeeze the soft top while the pipette is in the bottle to extract the oil; and then squeeze again to drop the CBD oil wherever you want it. Before you do though, make sure to fill and empty the dropper at least twice to get a good blend of oil in the pipette. This also helps to avoid it from clogging.

When you’re ready to actually use the oil, you can freestyle it and just hang the pipette over your mouth to drop the desired amount of CBD drops under the tongue. Though this might get pretty messy as it isn’t the easiest task without a lot of practice. So while we leave that to the experienced users, you can always use a mirror to help you aim. Or drop your CBD oil on the back or your hand or a spoon to safely get it in your mouth.

When you’re done, make sure to empty the pipette again before screwing the cap back onto the bottle to prevent your CBD oil from leaking.

CBD Spray for easy dosing

We understand it if you’d rather not get into the aiming-game though. That’s why we offer the opportunity to purchase a spray-head with each type of hemp oil we have in our online CBD shop. Excluding the water-soluble CBD oils, which come with their own handy pump-spray.

Our spray heads are low-cost and high-value, as they allow you to easily spray roughly 3 drops per squeeze directly under your tongue - without the hassle of mirrors, spoons and dirty sweaters. Add a spray-head to your CBD oil order by selecting the spray-head box, before adding the desired hemp oil in your online cart in our webshop.