CBD consumers usually have a strict routine when it comes to their cannabinoids. You might’ve noticed this yourself, especially when planning holidays abroad. Potentially having you questioning if you can bring your CBD oil with you on vacation - or wondering if your preferred brand / product is available where you’re going. This is what you should know about CBD on vacation and taking your hemp oil abroad:

Daily use of hemp oil

Taking CBD oil is a necessity for the majority of daily consumers. After all, many people start using the substance to soothe or decrease symptoms of various diseases or discomforts. Consequently, most keep using the oils on a daily basis; as they find out they really do help increase their life’s quality in a variety of ways.

Generally speaking though, CBD consumers have a strict routine and are very picky about the products and brands they use. Something that’s relatively easy to control from the comfort of your home. Especially when you have enough products to use or easy access to a restock. But how to go about your specific hemp oil consumption when you’re planning to go on holidays abroad?

Taking CBD oil on vacation in Europe

The big question CBD consumers planning their holidays might have, is ‘can I take my CBD oil abroad’? And to be fair, it’s a complex question to answer. One of the main reasons behind that, is that it might depend on the country you’re from and the one you’re traveling to. Given the fact that legislation on hemp products like Cannabidiol (CBD) rich oils might vary per country.

Overall, CBD is legal in most European countries due to the European legislation on the matter. Though laws can still vary from country to country. For example, in the Netherlands it’s legal to sell hemp supplements and even provide dosage information. As long as no medical claims are made, it’s okay. The Dutch’ southern neighbors in Belgium however, have determined that CBD oil may not be ingested. So there, the products are sold for topical use only.

So when you’re traveling from one EU-country to another, it might be safe to keep a bottle of your preferred CBD oil in your luggage. Preferably put it in your suitcase and don’t take it with you in your hand luggage. As this might attract more attention than needed and could delay you boarding the plane; when customs does decide to test the oil you’re traveling with.

Maximum THC levels in CBD oil

One very important thing to keep in mind, is that most countries have set a limit to the concentration of THC that the product may contain. As you might be aware, this is one of the psychoactive cannabinoids found in hemp; and it could cause a high or stoned feeling. Hence the illegal status of the vegetal substance in most countries in the world. While trusted CBD brands like Dutch Natural Healing might only sell fair and 100% legal hemp oils; other brands, home cooked oils or unlabeled ‘cannabis oils’ could potentially contain more THC than allowed.

That’s why it is advisable to always choose a trusted supplier for your CBD, especially when you’re planning to travel abroad with it. However, it might not even be necessary to travel with your oil - to be able to consume it when you’re on vacation.

Availability of CBD hemp oil abroad

Because your favorite CBD oil might just be available in the country you’re traveling to! With the exception of countries like Indonesia, certain Arab, and African countries, you’ll probably find some sort of hemp oil available wherever you travel. After all, the vegetal substance is becoming more and more popular each day. With an increasing number of countries opening up to cannabinoid supplements; and facilitating a fair market. For starters, DNH is sold in over 10 countries; and can be shipped to (almost) every country in the world when ordered online through our website.

However, our first advice would be to Google for the availability of CBD oil in the country you’re traveling to. If that doesn’t work, ask locals or bring some with you - if that’s allowed. Lastly, you can try to order CBD oil online and have it delivered to your holiday residence. Please note though, delivery times may vary and we can in no way guarantee your product will arrive on time.

This blog is intended for educational purposes only. Please check legislation in the countries you’re traveling to / from when planning on bringing hemp supplements with you on the trip.