We don’t want to get in the way of the body positivity movement here. Though it is a fact that the majority of people feel best when they’re fit and in somewhat of a good shape. Admittedly, it can be highly uncomfortable to start moving and find the motivation to exercise. Especially if you’ve never been much of an athlete. But with a little help from CBD, this might be not as hard as without. Want to get fit with CBD? This is how CBD oil might help you get (back) in shape:

Getting in shape

To begin with, everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. Regardless of their figure or weight, and it is not on us to determine if and how you should live your life. Though it is a fact that the vast majority of people feel best when they’re ‘in shape’. Moreover, being overweight can bring along a huge variety of health problems - sometimes even with life threatening consequences as a result. 

However, exercising is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially if you’re not used to - or interested in - it. While it might take more than a few drops of hemp oil to get you going. The cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD) could be helpful when you want to get fit. How? Well, these are three ways in which CBD oil could help you get back in shape: 

CBD oil and diet

Let’s start by managing some expectations here… CBD oil is NO weight loss drug. So don’t expect that by taking a few drops of hemp oil, you’ll lose 10kg’s and reach your weight-goals with no effort. On the other hand, Cannabidiol doesn’t hinder you reaching your fitness-goals either. Because while another well-known cannabinoid (THC) can cause the so-called ‘munchies’; CBD generally does not cause these cravings. In fact, science shows that the non-psychoactive cannabinoid even stimulates your metabolism - helping your body process the food you eat a lot faster. 

While clinical research has yet to settle this once and for all. There’s already proof from research on rats, showing that daily CBD intake could lead to a significant drop in body weight. Presumably, this has to do with the influence Cannabidiol has on the CB1- and CB2-receptors in the brain. By stimulating these receptors from the endocannabinoid system (ECS) - and helping to regulate stress- and hunger-hormones - CBD could possibly help you resist temptation and skip the sweets.

Exercising with CBD 

If you’ve ever tried CBD oil, you know it will not directly have you stand up and run to the gym. It’s no ‘pre-workout’ in the sense that it gives you an uncontrollable urge to get moving. Though there are a few ways in which the cannabinoid does increase your willingness to start exercising. If you’re not exercising because you’re feeling down and depressed, for example. In that case, an activating CBD product such as our water soluble CBDactive+ might be just the thing to pick you up and make a different decision. 

Besides, there are a few other ways in which CBD might help you to start exercising and keep it going. For instance, it is known that CBD shortens the recovery time needed after an injury or inflammation from a too intense work-out. Helping you to squeeze in more training days in the same period; compared to when you’re not using cannabinoid supplements for quicker recovery. Products like our CBD Patches can potentially help the body relax and soothe aches, so you can get back to the gym a lot faster!

CBD for cellulite and stretch marks

If you’ve struggled with weight or the yo-yo effect before, you might know all about ‘tiger stripes’ or stretch marks. Because when your weight changes, your skin changes with it. After all, it has to stretch to keep your body covered and safe from external influences. Though unfortunately, it can do so very artsy when it’s not elastic enough; leaving various visible stretch marks on different parts of the skin. 

By using hemp-based skincare cosmetics like a good CBD cream or body gel with CBD, you improve your skin’s texture and elasticity. Helping you to decrease stretch marks and keep the skin healthy. Moreover, it appears Cannabidiol could also have an inhibiting effect on the development of cellulitis. This has to do with the effect the cannabinoid appears to have on the collagen-production in the skin. As collagen is responsible for the strength and elasticity of the skin and other body tissue. 

So by combining various products and consuming methods, CBD might help you to start exercising, get (back) in shape and restore your damaged skin. Need help to find the right CBD products for your personal needs? Get in touch with us or:

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