Western countries experience a higher mortality-rate during the COVID-19 pandemic compared to Asian countries. One of the main reasons behind this, is that Asians use more mouth masks in public that we do in the West. Various scientific studies prove that wearing a mouth mask in public can help reduce the spread of a pandemic, like the current Corona-crisis. Because we value your safety and that of your loved ones, we decided to hand them out for free with every order.

Reusable mouth mask from hemp fiber - high grade protection against viruses and air-pollution

Face masks prevent your mouth and nose from being in contact with infected objects and dirty hands. Besides, a mouth mask ensures polluted air with virus-particles and fine dust is filtered before it is inhaled. More importantly, the use of a mouth mask prevents others from being infected with transmittable diseases, even if you don’t know you’re infected!

Because we value your safety and that of your loved ones, we are giving away thousands of FREE FACE MASKS in the coming days. With every order on DutchNaturalHealing.com you will receive a free hemp fiber mouth mask (unlimited use and surgical protection grade) with your purchase. Rather purchase a hemp fiber mouth mask to offer a friend or family member? They’re available for €11,95 - WHILE STOCKS LAST!

Benefits of a ‘mask for life’:

  • Protect yourself: filters polluted air and keeps viruses and fine dust out
  • Protect others: filters virus-particles on the inside and prevents spread
  • Limits hand-to-face contact: prevents infections by physically limiting your face from being touched by dirty and/or contaminated hands
  • Reusable: cheap and easy to wash for unlimited use

Comfortable mouth mask produced with 100% hemp fiber

The reusable hemp face mask by Dutch Natural Healing is super comfortable and therefor suited for prolonged use. This is because it is made using 100% sustainable hemp fiber from organic and EU-certified agriculture. The mouth masks are available in various colours, carefully handmade in the EU - not in China.

Hemp fiber comes from the thick stem and branches of hemp plants. An age old source of fast-growing fibers which were long used on a large scale for clothing, rope and sails for ships. Nowadays hemp fiber is mainly processed into hemp bioplastic (for the car-industry for example) and textile. Though there is a growing body of research and experiments going on to explore the possibilities of building with hemp fiber. This is because it is extremely sturdy material and good for the environment.

Hemp has the unique characteristic of being able to cleanse and purify the ground it grows in. And it needs only little water and fertilizers to grow into a usable plant. A process which is much slower with other resources as trees for paper or cotton for clothing. By using more hemp in production, fossil fuels are spared and deforestation of jungles becomes unnecessary.

Our reusable mouth masks are made with 100% hemp fiber and guarantee:

  • Surgical grade protection against viruses, bacteria and air-pollution
  • Free of synthetics and chemicals
  • Completely natural and biodegradable
  • Easy to wash and comfortable to use
  • Sustainable material and handmade in the EU

How can you reuse this mouth mask?

Reusable hemp fiber face masks are machine washable. Preferably wash the mouth mask by hand or with like colors and hang to dry, do not put in the dryer. Disinfect the mouth mask before use by ironing the complete mask including filter for one minute on the linen setting. Careful though, as the straps may lose their elasticity when they come in contact with heat.

NOTE! To safely remove the face mask after use, remove the straps from behind the ears with CLEAN FINGERS. Do not touch the mask with your hands, considering it might carry virus particles.