BREXIT is a fact, and since the beginning of 2021, the United Kingdom (UK) is no longer part of the European Union (EU). Obviously, this has had an impact on the ex- and import of many goods from and into the country. While some consumers might be worried about what this means for when they order CBD oil from Dutch Natural Healing; we can assure you there is absolutely no reason to be concerned:


Because for consumers’ orders, nothing has actually changed since BREXIT! As we make sure there are no additional costs or import-taxes for consumers; and parcels continue to travel as smooth as ever from one side of the pond to the other. Especially with December far behind us, and organizations involved are getting used to the new protocols; we can clearly see that the pressure on postal services is now starting to stabilize. Allowing parcels from the Netherlands to reach their destination in the UK quickly and without any obstacle, just like they did before. 

Clearly we have taken every measure needed to secure a safe delivery of your products when you buy CBD online in our webshop. After all, our mission is to ensure the very best customer experience. This includes assuring a safe and fast delivery by choosing the right logistic partners; in order to make our high quality hemp oil products available to those needing them in the United Kingdom. Accordingly, there is no need to worry about enquiries customs either. Considering all of our parcels are labeled correctly for speedy and safe passage into the UK.

Shipping CBD oil to the UK 

As before, most CBD orders to the UK are shipped using PostNL. After which they’re transferred to a local postal service for the delivery to the recipient. Because our CBD orders are shipped every day from Monday to Friday, most of the wait is on the actual transportation of the products from one country to the other. Luckily, now that the pressure on customs and postal services is decreasing, we see the delivery times are getting back to normal, too. And you can see that too! As all of our shipments into the UK continue to carry a tracking code for you to trace your parcel at any time. 

Order Dutch CBD oil in the UK 

In other words, we at Dutch Natural Healing do everything in our power to make sure that our trusted returning - and all of the new - customers can continue to order Dutch CBD oil in the UK. So there is no need to worry, or find a new brand or local supplier, as DNH continues to offer our full range of organic CBD products to customers outside of the EU.

This includes our CBD oil in various strengths from 25% to 8% - some even with vitamin D, or a drop of essential oils for a more pleasant taste. But also our new CBD-A oil, full-plant CBG oil blend and water soluble CBD products. Even our CBD PatchesCBD Sample Packs, Hemp Apparel and highly effective CBD Skincare Cosmetics are still available to order in the UK and other parts of the world, regardless of the BREXIT. 

Of course, you’re also still welcome to get in touch with our customer service for all of your CBD questions; or when you’re in need of advice in terms of finding the right hemp product or CBD dosage for your needs. 

Your trusted CBD oil from Dutch Natural Healing, always available to order in the UK. From the Netherlands, with love.