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Learn everything you need to know about the organic CBD products by Dutch Natural Healing. In these blogs, you’ll find information on the effects of CBD oil, CBG oil and other cannabinoids. But also interesting scientific information and innovations in the field of CBD and other hemp-derived substances. Besides, you’ll find the latest news about our company on our blog page - to ensure you’re the first to know about our developments.

Submerge yourself into the world of hemp and CBD and learn with us in our CBD blogs! Are there any subjects or is there specific information missing on this page? Tip our editors through our contact form and include ‘Blog tip’ in the subject.

12 Oct How CBD oil might help treat Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common forms of rheumatism today. Unfortunately though, it is a chronic ailment with few pharmaceutical treatments possible. Considering the ones available are ..
05 Oct CBG Oil effects: discover how Cannabigerol works in the body
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The difference between CBD and CBG is not limited to just that one letter. In fact, Cannabigerol (CBG) interacts completely different with our body’s own cannabinoid system than Cannabidiol (CBD) - fr..
28 Sep 'THC-free' Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for work or sports? Unnecessary!
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To avoid testing positive for THC in urine drugstests, some athletes and certain industry's employees turn to ‘THC-free’ Broad Spectrum or even Pure CBD oil. Though while this is far less effective th..
21 Sep Why nano and liposomal CBD are a waste of money
0 12237
While CBD appears to very beneficial to the body and mind, the natural substance is hard to absorb by the body. Leading to producers experimenting with techniques to increase the cannabinoid’s bioavai..
14 Sep CBD oil effects: 5x how CBD could improve your life
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By now you’ve probably heard of CBD oil; a natural and vegetal food supplement made from hemp extracts. According to preliminary research and customer experience, hemp oil can have amazingly positive ..
07 Sep CBD Cosmetics: improve your skincare routine with hemp topicals
0 8711
We never get tired of saying ‘there’s more to hemp than CBD oil’. Because it’s true, hemp products with Cannabidiol (CBD) come in many forms and carry a whole array of different benefits to the body. ..
31 Aug What is the difference between full-spectrum, pure and RAW CBD oil?
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When it comes down to buying CBD oil, there’s a jungle of technical terms to work through. For those accustomed to the use of hemp extracts, this might be clear as day. Though some of these terms migh..
24 Aug Is it better to take CBD oil with food or on an empty stomach?
0 15945
There is still a lot to be discovered about CBD and the way it works in the body. Although each person reacts differently to the substance, there’s always some science applicable to all consumers. And..
17 Aug How CBD oil might help treat (chronic) pain
0 9031
CBD oil is known to offer a wide array of possible benefits on our well-being. One of the most prominent is the way in which CBD oil is believed to help treat (chronic) pain issues. Though the plant’s..
10 Aug Benefits of Curcumin with CBD: ‘the best of two worlds’
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Nature is filled with substances that can have a positive impact on our lives. The ones we focus on most are hemp’s cannabinoids, like CBD. Though these are far from the only organic compounds with po..
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