Dear friends and family of DNH, Spring is finally in the air.
I often stroll the dunes here in Castricum, The Netherlands, and the new life during Spring inspires me the most. This is why Spring is my favorite season. The new life that Spring brings stands for waking up; Nature grands us a fresh start in Life. It provides us with a good reason to be thankful and feel blessed, but it also boosts our mental strength. Nature is strong and beautiful. 

Recovering from Covid myself, I experienced that CBD and these walks recharged my mental and physical battery much faster. This brings me back to the message I sent you back in 2021 when we introduced the Back2life CBD edition. Not by surprise this product became a statement in our portfolio. The Back2Life CBD is embraced by our customers and has been praised for bringing relief and relaxation. It will therefore be a permanent product in our portfolio.
For those who need more than spring and walks, please take my personal advice to accept your problems and work on them to make sure they are solved as soon as possible. Give it a try. The longer you wait, the bigger they will get. If you can’t, just let us know, and we might be able to help. We are good at it, and we are here for you. As I understand there will be enough reasons keeping you from solving your problems, I would like to help you by offering you more mental strength and relaxation the natural way. Don’t let the prices of CBD stand between you and your goals. As of today, I will grand you a 30% discount on our whole portfolio. Just use the coupon code spring22.
As always, me and my team want everybody to feel good and be happy. This is what drives us, and it is part of our DNA. Just give us some faith, we have been here for 10 years already; we have a rock steady reputation and provide a 100% guaranty or a refund.
Wishing you all the best and happiness life can offer. Also, be nice to each other.
PS.  Please keep sending us your positive feedback. That is what makes us happy.