CBD is hip, trending and available almost everywhere in the world. Whether it’s a few drops of oil under the tongue or a patch on the skin, CBD products appear to be effective against all sorts of ailments. From light discomfort to chronic pain and other serious conditions - some consumers even go as far as naming CBD-oil a ‘wonder-drug’. But what exactly is CBD and what are the best CBD products?

What is CBD exactly?

CBD is short for cannabidiol - one of the hundreds of active components found in cannabis- and hemp plants. Together with THC, CBD is undoubtedly one of the most common cannabinoids found in these plants. Until now, scientific research has successfully identified and isolated around 150 cannabinoids. Each with its own specific positive impact on humans and animals. Though it is believed that there are much more cannabinoids, which are yet to be identified.

Products with a high concentration of CBD and a low (or non-existent) THC-content, do not cause a high or stoned feeling. In contrary to products that contain relatively more THC than CBD; and therefor do cause a psychoactive effect. The main reason behind this, is that CBD is known to decrease THC’s psychoactive traits.

That is also the reason why modern cannabis strains for the recreative market are often crossbred to contain the highest possible THC-levels, with close to no CBD at all. These high-inducing products are found in Dutch coffeeshops, dispensaries in North America and on the black market. And although the cannabinoid THC does have some positive health-effects, not everyone wants to get high or stoned.

Full-Spectrum CBD oil products

Certain hemp cultivars however have a more balanced cannabinoid content; which by nature is better suited for the production of high quality CBD products. Besides a good cannabinoid-ratio (high CBD content with low amounts of THC) these hemp varieties also contain cannabinoids like CBG, CBC and CBN. And where isolated CBD products like CBD crystals offer some health benefits; a full spectrum CBD product - also containing these other cannabinoids and terpenes - proves to be much more effective. That is why we do our best to offer CBD oil carrying the broadest cannabinoidspectrum available.

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Terpenes are, different from cannabinoids, the aromatic compounds that give each hemp or cannabis variety its own unique smell and flavor profile. In varying compositions, these terpenes are responsible for steering the effects CBD and other cannabinoids have in the body. For the recreative sector, cannabis strains are selected on certain terpene-profiles to reach a specific effect. For the maximum health-benefits though, it is important to offer a complete and balanced terpeneprofile; a so-called ‘full-spectrum’ product like our regular CBD oil for example.


Because full-spectrum CBD products offer an entourage-effect. This means that the many different active components in the product strengthen each other’s function. So you will not only receive the positive health-effects of CBD, but also those of the other naturally occurring elements from the hemp plant. In other words, full spectrum CBD products - which in addition to CBD contain other cannabinoids and terpenes - appear to be more effective than isolated CBD products. Obviously, this is why we are proud to offer one of the most complete hemp extracts on the market - with undoubtedly the best entourage-effect available.

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