If you are looking (online) for natural resources to improve your health - or increase your well-being - you will come across THC oil sooner or later. A substance that is much praised for all kinds of reasons. However, many people do not know that this form of cannabis oil is illegal in most places and can cause unwanted side effects. Are you planning to make, buy or use THC oil? Then you should know this:

What is THC oil?

THC oil is a form of cannabis oil with d9-Tetrahydrocannabinol as the dominant ingredient. This cannabinoid is mainly found in so-called weed/cannabis plants; so THC oil is also sometimes called weed- or cannabis-oil. Unlike another well-known cannabinoid from cannabis and hemp plants (CBD), THC is psychoactive. That means that you can experience a high or stoned feeling from this product. And despite the fact that there are people who claim to experience health benefits from THC oil, they are also exposed to unwanted side effects.

THC is an illegal substance in most countries. At least, above a certain concentration. In the Netherlands the maximum amount of THC in hemp products is set at 0.2% and in the rest of Europe at 0.5%. That is just enough THC to support the entourage effect of Cannabidiol in CBD oil, without getting you high or stoned.

Making THC oil

Thanks to handy DYI-videos and available tools, it is quite easy to make THC oil at home yourself. In general, this is done using an alcohol extraction. The active substances are separated from the plant material using alcohol. The alcohol is then evaporated, leaving a thick mixture of mainly cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes and chlorophyll. By then diluting this pure cannabis paste (also called RSO) with a carrier oil; the product becomes easier to use and dose. Because if you get too much of it, you're in for quite a trip. And that is unfortunately an easy mistake to make with THC oil!

After all, you don't know exactly how much THC-a was actually in the plant material, and how much of it ends up in the oil. In addition, there an unknown portion of this acidic form of THC is activated to the psychoactive THC when evaporating the alcohol. Because many 'home brewers' do not have their oil tested either, the strength and purity of these products remains a guess. That makes it a risky option to try for those looking for natural resources to improve their health.

Buy THC oil online

Instead of making your own, there are also options to buy THC oil online. With providers ranging from non-profit foundations fighting for the legalization of cannabis, to shady dealers cooking the stuff in their filthy kitchen. Again, this product is illegal and its quality is uncertain. Though in some pharmacies, such as here in the Netherlands, you’ll be able to find pharmaceutical THC oil. But in our case it is often very light and relatively expensive. As a result, most patients choose to make their product themselves or to buy it elsewhere, with all the associated risks.

Using THC oil

THC oil is often used by people with issues ranging from insomnia and (chronic) pain to respiratory issues and digestive problems. But also the side-effects of (the treatment against) cancer and lots of other diseases and ailments. The majority of users claim that they actually experience relief from using the cannabis product, too.

Pure cannabis extracts - before dilution - are also known as RSO and cannabis-/ or weed-paste; and are online often associated with the miraculous cures of various (sometimes deadly) diseases. However, there is no scientific research to support these claims and we do not recommend experimenting with it.

A legal cannabinoid that, unlike THC, does not get you high or stoned. At the same time, this cannabinoid has been linked to improving health and general well-being. There are already millions of people worldwide who say they really benefit from different forms of this cannabinoid. Whether it is in the form of CBD oilCBD PatchesWater-soluble CBDCBD Nasal Spray or any other form of CBD Products.

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Safe alternative: CBD

A safe and legal alternative to THC oil is CBD.