As you might know already, here at Dutch Natural Healing we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality CBD oil available. That means we not only offer what you ask for, we also go above and beyond to find out how to make these products even more effective. One way to do that is to make CBD oil water soluble - but what is water soluble CBD and why should it be better than regular CBD oil?

CBD oil

Naturally, CBD is a fatty substance. Cannabinoids like CBD and CBG are essentially fatty, oily components found in the hemp plant. The upside to this, is that the cannabinoids are pretty easy to extract from hemp - using clean consumption alcohol or certain gasses for example. Though it also gives a downside to the usability of the substance. Considering fatty substances, like these hemp derived cannabinoids, are hard to absorb by the human body.

Diluting hemp extracts with oils as olive oil, grape seed oil and coconut oil sometimes helps to increase the viscosity of the product. Meaning it could possibly also aid in the absorption of the cannabinoids by the mouth’s tissue. Though research has shown that even when it’s diluted with good oil, the available CBD in regular CBD oil only gets absorbed partially. About 6-12% of the consumed CBD is actually processed by the body like it should. That means you lose about 88-94% of what you’ve just consumed - because it was not able to travel through the mouth’s tissue. As a result, the lost CBD is broken down by your digestive system before it has the chance to make a difference!

Water soluble CBD

We found that the best way to avoid this from happening, is to make the CBD water-soluble. This greatly increases the so-called bioavailability of the product, making it easy to absorb by the mouth’s tissue. Moreover, it prevents the rapid loss of cannabinoids in the digestive tract. As the molecules are now small enough to not only enter the body through the mouth’s tissue - the CBD can now be absorbed by the digestive system too.

Making CBD oil water soluble is not an easy process, and took us quite some time to develop as a stable product with a long shelf-life. Though Dutch Natural Healing wouldn’t be the company it is today if we hadn’t put in the effort. So it is with great pride that we present our most effective CBD product to date: CBDactive+. The first and only completely water-soluble, drinkable alternative to CBD oil.


Our water soluble CBDactive+ provides the ultimate CBD experience, thanks to its unprecedented absorption rate by the body. The fact that is water-soluble not only makes it easy to absorb by the body, it also means it is drinkable. So if you prefer, you can just spray some water-soluble CBDactive+ in your water, tea, juice or other drink and drink it up - instead of having to leave the oil under the tongue for a minute.

CBDactive+ obviously contains more ingredients than CBD alone. As we believe in the ‘entourage-effect’ caused by the synergy of the combination between CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. Accordingly, CBDactive+ also includes other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and CBC. Some terpenes and other active ingredients found in this product are Curcumin, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene, Linalool and vitamin E. Summarizing, CBDactive+ is easier to use than regular CBD oil and up to 10 times more effective.

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