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CBD drops

CBD drops

CBD drops are drops of CBD oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a food supplement. CBD is an 100% vegetable substance that occurs in hemp plants. At Dutch Natural Healing we grow our own organic plants so you know you buy quality products and premium CBD! We pay attention to every step of the production process, so you can enjoy CBD drops of the best quality. A Dutch Natural Healing product contains only the best CBD!

CBD drops at Dutch Natural Healing

We sell two types of CBD drops: CBD drops for people and specially developed CBD oil for animals. So our organic CBD drops aren’t only for people!

CBD oil

From the tops of our organically grown plants, we extract CBD oil through CO2 extraction. We use this extract exactly like nature intended. These CBD drops can be purchased in 10 or 20 ml bottles. The CBD oil is diluted 1:1 with hemp seed oil and a 10 ml bottle for instance contains 825 mg CBD. Do you want to buy the best CBD oils? Then you’ve found the right site!

CBD for pets

Not only can you take CBD drops, your beloved pet can too! Our CBD for pets combines the best CBD extract with pure salmon oil. This way the product contains the needed CBD, but the CBD drops are extra delicious for your pet.

Intake and dosage of CBD drops

CBD drops are best taken pure, under the tongue. The correct dosage of the number of drops differs from person to person. Dosages based on an adult are about two to three drops per day. Be sure to read the product information!

The difference between weed drops and CBD drops

A frequently asked question is what the difference between CBD drops and weed or cannabis drops exactly is. These drops are often confused, even though there is a big difference! Weed and cannabis oil are made from cannabis plants and contain the psychoactive substance THC. This substance does not occur in hemp plants and hemp extracted oils like CBD drops. Your CBD drops are therefore not psychoactive.

Buying CBD drops in the United Kingdom

It is legal to buy CBD drops in the United Kingdom because they do not contain THC. This means you can’t get high from our CBD drops.

Possible benefits from CBD drops

Studies suggest that there are loads of possible benefits to using CBD drops. CBD drops work on our endocannabinoid system. Some people use CBD oil for anxiety relief or to treat other health issues. Other possible benefits of CBD include being able to sleep through the night better when you’re in pain and it’s also possible that CBD drops help for people with chronic pain. Some studies suggest that CBD helps with heart health and mental health. Do you want to see press releases and know results of studies of CBD benefits? Then contact our customer service, we’d gladly tell you more about the possible benefits of CBD oil.

Buying CBD drops at Dutch Natural Healing

Do you want to buy CBD drops of the very best quality? Then Dutch Natural Healing is the site for you! We grow our own organic hemp plants and produce our CBD drops ourselves. This way we can promise you fantastic CBD drops. Shop the CBD drops of your choice directly in our shop!

Service of Dutch Natural Healing

Choosing for Dutch Natural Healing, is choosing for quality CBD products, made with love. Next to our CBD oil drops, we also sell e.g. CBD pure, like CBD isolate and CBD paste, obtained through CO2 extraction. Take a look at our website and discover all our CBD products! You can easily buy a product with CBD in our webshop and pay securely.

Do you want personal advice, the latest scientific test results about the possible health benefits of CBD or do you have questions? Then contact our customer care support. We’re happy to help you.


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