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CBD oil for cats 20ml - 2% (400mg CBD)


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CBD oil cats 20ml

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<p>CBD oil for cats consists of the best Dutch Natural Healing CBD extract and pure salmon oil. One 20 ml bottle contains 400 mg of CBD (2%).<br />
The use of salmon oil makes the taste much more pleasant for your cat, making the product easy to administer. CBD oil for cats is free of terpenes and 100% safe for your cherished pet.</p>

    <li>Dosage: 1 drop per 5 kg of body weight, maximum three times per day, or as recommended by your veterinarian.</li>

<h3>Organically grown and refined ingredients</h3>

    <li>Hemp oil first pressing (50%)</li>
    <li>High grade salmon oil (50%)</li>
    <li>Terpene-free with 400mg CBD</li>

<h3>CBD usage for cats</h3>

    <li>Shake well before every use</li>
    <li>One drop per 5kg three times a day</li>
    <li>Store at room temperature</li>

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