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1x CBD Test Purple - CBD detection kit

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1x CBD Test Purple - CBD detection kit
1x CBD Test Purple - CBD detection kit
1x CBD Test Purple - CBD detection kit
1x CBD Test Purple - CBD detection kit
1x CBD Test Purple - CBD detection kit
1x CBD Test Purple - CBD detection kit
1x CBD Test Purple - CBD detection kit
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  • Tests: 5ml - 100 Tests
  • Type product: CBD test fluid
  • Meaning: Analyse CBD in your oil
  • Benefits: Know if your oil has CBD
  • Color: Transparent / purple when positive
  • Packaging: Glass dripper bottle
  • Suitable for: Testing CBD oil at home

One-use CBD test fluid - Quickly check if your oil has CBD

CBD Test Purple kit is a pipette with test fluid to easily analyse oil products on the presence of cannabidiol (CBD). This means you can use the fluid to test your CBD oil at home and check for the presence of CBD in the product.

Did you ever buy CBD oil and doubted if the product even contains the plant’s substance? Because the effects were not what you expected them to be, or the taste is different from what you’re used too? Well, now you’ll know if it does contain CBD or not! This CBD test fluid is easy to use at home. The only requirements to use this product are a white background (like a sheet of a4 paper) and an oil sample to test.

Test your CBD oil at home

  • Put your oil sample on a white background (sheet of a4 paper) and smear it out on the paper
  • Carefully cut the end of the ‘CBD Test Purple’ pipette
  • Squeeze to empty the pipette and drop the fluid over the sample
  • Wait 20-30 seconds for the results

CBD test purple detection fluid should change color when CBD is detected in the sample. So after 20-30 seconds, you should see the first color changes happening - as the detection fluid reacts on the CBD in your oil sample. If it contains any! Give it some time though, as it may take up to 90 seconds for the reaction to be complete. You can even try to mix the fluid with the oil with the back of a spoon for example, to aid the chemical reaction and speed up the process.

CBD test results indication

This test fluid is no exact measurement tool for CBD content in oils. Though it gives a pretty accurate estimate on the percentage of CBD present in CBD oil with colors, as shown below:

percentage indication cbd test purple dutch natural healing

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

The abbreviation CBD stands for Cannabidiol, this is a plant-based cannabinoid that occurs naturally in hemp. CBD is extracted from certain parts of the hemp plant and is therefor 100% organic. Though the quality of the product may depend on which part of the hemp plant the Cannabidiol is extracted from. Because CBD is naturally paste-like, the hemp-extracted CBD paste is mixed with a carrier-oil, like hemp seed oil, for easier dosing. This creates so-called CBD oil.

CBD oil with NO CBD?

As researchers discovered, not all CBD oil products sold contain actual Cannabidiol. And while your CBD Test Purple detection fluid will always change its color with Dutch Natural Healing CBD products, hemp oil from other brands may not contain any of the plant’s substance; even if it is advertised otherwise. Test your CBD oil with our CBD Test Purple and analyze CBD oil for the presence of Cannabidiol from the comfort of your own home.

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