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CBD topical patch - 40mg


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CBD Patch - 40mg
Sealed in foil
  1 piece (2 grams)
Quantity CBD:
Type product:
Topical patch with CBD
  Slow-release through the skin
  Effective up to 36 hours
  Beige / transparent
Suitable for:
The whole family, humans and animals
€ per MG CBD:
€ 0,17
Dutch Natural Healing

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Real CBD topical patch - Slow-release and effective up to 36 hours!

CBD is absorbed extremely well by the skin. So it is not a problem if you don’t enjoy the taste of CBD oil. Our CBD topical patch with real CBD is the perfect alternative for CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD isolate (crystals) and other orally consumed hemp extracts. The topical CBD patch contains 40mg CBD from organically cultivated hemp and 0% THC.

Easy to use and extremely effective

The biggest advantage of CBD topical patches is that they’re easy to use. Moreover, the available CBD is released slowly and evenly over the course of 36 hours! So you won’t have to remember to take a new dose, while you’re provided with the needed cannabinoïds during the day and night. CBD topical patches by Dutch Natural Healing are almost completely transparent with a beige tone, so they’re subtle and don’t stand out. The topical CBD patch is laboratory tested by a third party, of course, and it is absolutely THC FREE; so it will not cause a high or stoned feeling. It does contain 40mg of the highest quality CBD, guaranteed.

Have you bought CBD patches from another brand and want to make sure they contain REAL CBD? Test it using our detection kit: CBD test Purple.

How to use a CBD topical patch?

  • Place the CBD topical patch on the upper arm, on a dry and hairless spot.
  • Press the CBD patch on the skin for about 5 seconds.
  • Remove the topical CBD patch after 2 days.
  • Individual results may vary.

Note: Dutch Natural Healing CBD topical patches may lose their adhesion or effectiveness when they get wet during showers or baths.

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