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CBD Samples
CBD Samples
CBD Samples

Try CBD Samples and sample packs to discover the power of nature with the best CBD oil products available today. Our sample packs contain various CBD samples of the highest quality at a very reasonable price. Taste and try CBD oil and other popular products from the Dutch Natural Healing-assortiment with large discounts:

CBD Gift Pack - 4 pieces (1775mg Cannabidiol)
-45 %
CBD gift for friends, family or just for yourself A nice CBD package to give as a gift to friends, family, colleagues or just to yourself! This gift pack contains four diff..
€55.00 €100.00
Ex Tax:€45.45
CBD Sample pack BASIC - 5 pieces (1900mg Cannabidiol)
-33 %
CBD Samples pack BASIC Try CBD Sample pack ‘basic’ and discover the power of nature with the best CBD oil products available today. This sample pack contains five different..
€75.00 €112.60
Ex Tax:€61.98
CBD Sample pack PLUS - 7 pieces (5000mg Cannabidiol)
-43 %
CBD Samples pack PLUS Try CBD Sample pack ‘plus’ and discover the power of nature with the best CBD oil products available today. This sample pack contains seven different ..
€180.00 €314.54
Ex Tax:€148.76
CBD Sample pack START - 3 pieces (1050mg Cannabidiol)
-17 %
CBD Samples pack START Try CBD Sample pack ‘start’ and discover the power of nature with the best CBD oil products available today. This sample pack contains three differen..
€44.95 €54.45
Ex Tax:€37.15
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Try CBD oil samples

CBD oil is a dietary supplement derived from hemp. With a growing body of scientific research showing its promising effects on our health and overall well-being. Logically, this sparks the interest of many people who’d like to try CBD oil as a natural supplement to improve their life’s quality.

Though it comes in many forms and strengths; and the main ingredient Cannabidiol (CBD) might be supported by other cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from hemp, too. In various compositions, these active ingredients determine the efficacy of CBD products and may impact the way a product affects us.

Moreover, each person reacts differently to Cannabidiol and other hemp derived substances. This has to do with the way our endocannabinoid system (ECS) processes these ingredients. Meaning that you might require another ‘mix’ of cannabinoids and terpenes, or other method of administration or CBD dosage - to reach a certain effect compared to others. In other words, you’ll have to try CBD oil (or other hemp products) to find out what works for you. But how do you go about finding what CBD products fit your needs best?

Sample CBD products

Hemp offers more than just CBD oil for a positive impact on our lives. And to help you explore and sample the best products for your needs, we have put together a variety of CBD sample packs for you to try. Including various high quality oils, hemp-based CBD skincare cosmetics and CBD Patches for topical use. Accessibly introducing you to the wide world of hemp extract-based supplements. In these new bundles, you’ll find the following CBD products to sample:

CBD oil to try

Our new CBD Sample packs contain various CBD products for you to discover. Accompanied by a variety of other hemp products, each of our sample packs at least include our high quality original CBD oil. A full, 10ml bottle with 8% CBD oil (825mg) supported by the ‘full-spectrum’ of other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. Supporting the oil’s entourage effect and overall efficacy in the body.

This oil could help increase your well-being by battling discomforts, support your immune system and help your body get in a state of homeostasis. The ‘ideal balance’ in which all the processes in your body are perfectly regulated, essential to our survival and well-being. Do you want to discover how it might improve your life? Try CBD oil in our Sample pack ‘START’, get in touch for more information or read one of our CBD blogs.

Sample water soluble CBD ‘CBDactive+’

CBD oil however, naturally has a low bioavailability. This means that it is not easily absorbed and the majority of the active ingredients is broken down by the body before it can do any good. Although it might still have effect and help improve your life’s quality, there are situations where another consumption method is needed to reach the desired results.

On the other hand, our full spectrum water soluble CBDactive+ shows a nearly perfect bioavailability of around 99%. Providing consumers with activating and positive effects of up to 10 times stronger than regular CBD oil. That’s why a concentration of ‘only’ 4% CBD in the product is enough for it to be effective. As this is comparable with a regular oil carrying 40%. The way this product is absorbed by the body also changes the way you react to the CBD. Accordingly, this product offers other effects and is therefor better suited for certain ailments than regular CBD oil. Contact us or try CBDactive+ in one of our sample packs to learn all about the benefits this unique product.

Strongest CBD oil to try for free

In some cases though, it might be necessary to increase the CBD concentration in your product to reach the desired effects. And admitted, this can be a ‘costly experiment’. Especially if you’re not 100% sure if a higher concentrated CBD oil will eventually do the trick. So we understand some people might be hesitant to order our strongest CBD oil to try. With CBD Sample pack ‘PLUS’ however, you can try this CBD oil practically for free! As we offer a whopping 45% off on the combined products. Resulting in a discount exceeding the purchase price of our ‘Premium Gold’ CBD oil with 25% Cannabidiol. Offering an affordable way for you to try some of the best CBD products available on the market today!

Free CBG oil to try

Sample pack ‘PLUS’ also contains our very special ‘CBG oil’ with a 1:1 ratio of both CBD and CBG. Cannabigerol (CBG) is also known as ‘the mother of all cannabinoids’, considering it is the precursor of cannabinoids like Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). And while CBG is non-psychoactive like CBD, these cannabinoids work quite different from each other. With CBG offering a wide array of possible health benefits, even in relatively small doses. Read all about this in our blog: ‘Difference between CBD and CBG’, and try the product in our "Sample pack ‘PLUS’.

Sample CBD Patches

Another very effective product featured in our CBD Sample packs ‘BASIC’ and ‘PLUS’ are our Topical CBD Patches. A pack containing 30 patches carrying 15mg Cannabidiol each. Presenting a total of 450mg CBD in the patches, for only 19,80 when purchased individually. Though in our Sample packs, you get to try these CBD patches ‘for free’!

These CBD Patches are proven to be very effective due to the transdermal (through the skin) absorption of the active ingredients. Providing long-lasting relief and relaxation of up to 36 hours when applied. CBD patches can be applied directly on painful or otherwise affected areas - or on a thin hairless spot on the skin. For more information, read our blog ‘Highly effective CBD Topical Patches for long-lasting relief’. 

Improve your skincare routine with CBD Cosmetics

While a lot of people are getting to know the benefits of orally consumed CBD, there’s a whole range of beneficial hemp products often overlooked: topical CBD skincare cosmetics. Because hemp derived CBD cosmetics can be an amazing addition to your daily skincare routine; improving your skin’s health in ways you’d never imagine. Especially considering the fact that the human skin is loaded with endocannabinoid receptors from the ECS. This means that the skin reacts amazingly well to the Cannabidiol applied.

In our CBD Sample packs, you’ll get to try products such as our naturally soothing CBD Soap. But also our CBD Cream and hand cream and water-based body gel are included in our new and discounted bundles. Offering you affordable access to the undiscovered side of hemp derived CBD products.

Lars Opdam

By Lars Opdam

Lars Opdam is founder and CEO of Dutch Natural Healing (DNH), one of the largest CBD oil producers in Europe. In the EIHA’s new publication ‘Our Stories: The people behind hemp’, we learn how he came to where he is today. As he explains his story, from farmer to CEO of a benchmark CBD oil producing company, operating in the top layer of the hemp industry.

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