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Sustainable Hemp Products & Clothes

Sustainable Hemp Products & Clothes
Sustainable Hemp Products & Clothes

Hemp fiber comes from the thick stem and branches of hemp plants. An age old source of fast-growing fibers which were long used on a large scale for clothing, rope and sails for ships. 

Hemp Fibre Beanie Hat - 8 Colours
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Beanie from Hemp Fiber This fashionable beanie hat is made completely out of hemp fiber and available in 8 different colors. The material used is extremely durable, conside..
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Hemp Reusable Face Mask - 100% Sustainable Hemp Fibre
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Reusable mouth mask from hemp fiber - high grade protection against viruses and air-pollution Face masks prevent your mouth and nose from being in contact with infected obj..
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Nowadays hemp fiber is mainly processed into hemp bioplastic (for the car-industry for example) and textile. Though there is a growing body of research and experiments going on to explore the possibilities of building with hemp fiber. This is because it is extremely sturdy material and good for the environment.

This is because hemp has the unique characteristic of being able to cleanse and purify the soil it grows in. And it needs only little water and fertilizers to grow into a usable plant. A process which is much slower with other resources, like trees for paper or cotton for clothing. By using more hemp in production, fossil fuels are spared and deforestation of jungles becomes unnecessary. More importantly, hemp is a great tool to extract CO2 from the air and toxins from the soil. Literally cleaning up the environment it grows in, while producing sustainable clothing and building materials.

Hemp can save the world!