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Organic CBD oil

Organic CBD oil
Organic CBD oil
Organic CBD oil
Organic CBD oil is a popular food supplement, but what is it exactly? And more importantly, what makes CBD oil organic? Discover all about organic CBD oil at Dutch Natural Healing
Back2Life CBD Oil 10ml - 5% (500mg)
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5% CBD oil - Back2Life edition Back2Life CBD oil 5% by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven effective and 100% organic hemp extract. Due to the unique 1:3..
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CBD oil 10 ml - 8% (825mg)
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High quality CBD oil CBD oil 8% by Dutch Natural Healing is based on our proven effective and 100% organic hemp extract. Due to the unique 1:1 dilution of the extract with ..
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Premium Gold CBD oil 10ml - 25% (2500mg)
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Premium Gold CBD oil - High concentration Cannabidiol One 10ml bottle Premium Gold CBD oil contains an amazingly high concentration of 2500mg Cannabidiol (25% CBD) from our..
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What is Organic CBD oil?

CBD Oil is, as the name suggests, a combination between CBD and oil. CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of the main active components found in hemp and cannabis plants. One that increased massively in popularity over the past few years, thanks to anecdotal and preliminary scientific evidence suggesting the positive effects CBD might have on the body and mind. Hence why millions of people worldwide take the cannabinoid in various forms, in hopes to soothe certain ailments or discomforts.

Though to consume potentially beneficial cannabinoids like CBD, one cannot simply take a bit out of a hemp plant. Well, you could. But it would not be the most tasty, nor effective way of consuming the plant’s substance. This is why the cannabinoid is usually extracted from the hemp plant. After which the extract is diluted with a carrier oil for easier administration and CBD oil dosage.

Full Spectrum CBD oil

These plant extracts can contain a variety of other cannabinoids too. Besides a number of other potentially beneficial components, such as terpenes. That is why you often find the term ‘full spectrum’, when looking to buy organic CBD oil online. As this means the hemp oil - or the extract used to make it - contains all cannabinoids that were present in the hemp plant.

On the other hand, you might find ‘broad spectrum’ hemp oil. This is almost the same, though it lacks a cannabinoid called D9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). A psychoactive cannabinoid, that in low doses greatly supports CBD’s entourage effect in the body - without causing the notorious high or stoned feeling you might get from it when used without CBD. Because it is well known that CBD actually counters THC’s psychoactive effects.

Organic CBD oil

At DNH, we’re proud to say all of our CBD oil is organic. Made from EU-certified and organic hemp plants; and enriched with organic hemp seed oil. This guarantees our hemp oil is as clean as it gets. Moreover, it ensures the most environmentally friendly way of cultivating and processing the raw materials going into the oil. Leaving less impact on the climate while having a maximum impact on your well-being.

Moreover, DNH’s organic CBD Oil is made to stay as close to the plant as possible. Meaning we do not tamper with the ingredients in any way; and try to keep the production process as simple as possible to keep all ingredients intact. So when you’re looking to buy CBD oil, make sure to order organic hemp oil from Dutch Natural Healing.

Obviously, we always ensure our oils are tested and analyzed for their contents and to check for any contaminants. Because let’s be honest, knowing something is good, is fine. But checking it is better. Ask our dedicated customer service for the most recent labreports.

Non-organic CBD hemp oil

When we talk about non-organic CBD oil, it is possible the hemp oil is made with non-certified hemp materials. Which means you can never be sure of the quality of the raw materials used; nor that of the endproduct. Non-organic CBD hemp oil could also be made with refined cannabinoids; offering a less plant-natural experience and/or effect.

Though non-organic hemp oil could also be made with synthetic cannabinoids. In essence, this means the moleculair structure of the cannabinoid is mimicked in a lab. While this sounds as an effective way of producing cannabinoids - scientists are not sure about the safety and stability of these synthetic cannabinoids. Awhile anecdotal evidence shows that synthetic cannabinoids are less effective in soothing various ailments compared to vegetal cannabinoids. 

Order organic hemp oil online

Easily order organic hemp oil online in the Dutch Natural Healing webshop - and discover how vegetal hemp oil can help improve your health and/or well-being.

Lars Opdam

By Lars Opdam

Lars Opdam is founder and CEO of Dutch Natural Healing (DNH), one of the largest CBD oil producers in Europe. In the EIHA’s new publication ‘Our Stories: The people behind hemp’, we learn how he came to where he is today. As he explains his story, from farmer to CEO of a benchmark CBD oil producing company, operating in the top layer of the hemp industry.

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