Shoutout from the CEO 2020 - Dutch Natural Healing

Shoutout from the CEO 2020

December 31, 2021Lars Opdam
Toast to the ones here today,
Toast to the ones we lost on the way
(Maroon 5)

Dear Friends of the Dutch Natural Healing house,

This year is coming to an end, so I want to share my thoughts with you. Let me start by thanking you again for all the trust, support and heartwarming amounts of positive feedback we received. Although we are a healthy company, we are only driven by the feedback of our customers.

We share customer feedback in our organisation and often we get the shivers down the spine or goose bumps because of the intensity and joy we hear. Feedback from parents of kids getting their first high grade at school because of better concentration and eased minds to people informing us that we contributed in the quality of life of someone’s last days of life and everything in between that. In many cases even miracles happen.

As a pioneer in this business and as one of the first companies to sell CBD oil in retail all over the world, I think we are entitled to say it is still one of the biggest crimes against humanity that our company needs to stretch out so much to get the most gentle product mother earth has to offer to the public. At the same time, contributing this much in the well-being of so many makes us humble and we feel blessed. Because of this we are even more motivated to step up our quality and product range further for 2020.

This year we again managed to allocate all our resources in R&D and come up with CBD-hydroxyquinone, aka HU331, a very special product, for very special people. We also introduced the almost magical full plant CBG oil which is a huge success for everybody already.

Together we can change the world and we are proud to have you as our customer, ambassador- or friend. Proud of our business relation and proud on our whole DNH team. Most of all I am proud of our DNH family member Steven, who is fighting to get his life back. Big salute to you sir, one of the most talented Biochemists in the field of Cannabinoids up to now! Proud to have you in our team and hang in there.

Noblesse Oblige, you can continue counting on us in 2020, make it a good year and be nice to each other.

Lars Opdam

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