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Easy Ways to Use CBD Isolate Powder

Jul 06, 2023Mert Gokceimam

CBD isolate powders are the purest and most versatile form of CBD you can buy. Not only are they tasteless and odourless, they’re incredibly easy to use. Plus they offer you the freedom to be creative with how you consume them.

What are CBD isolate powders?

CBD isolate powders resemble a fine, sugar-type powder. Unlike other products, isolate is 99.8% CBD, with the other 0.02% consisting mainly of moisture. 

CBD isolate crystals

This makes it the cleanest form of CBD on the market, so it’s incredibly popular with first-time users who want to be sure of what they’re taking. 

How is CBD isolate made?

CBD isolate is created by extracting cannabidiol from the hemp plant and stripping it of any other substances. It’s then processed into a white powderline powder.

In scientific terms, it involves a process of extraction, winterisation, filtration, decarboxylation, distillation and finally powderlisation. The finished product is then ready to be used in a variety of ways to suit your needs and preferences.

Why use CBD powders?

CBD isolate powders differ from broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD extracts, because they contain small amounts of other compounds from the hemp plant. Full-spectrum extract, for example, can sometimes contain a small proportion of THC. So CBD isolate is ideal if you prefer to take something more pure for a ‘cleaner’ experience. 

Due to its purity, CBD powders don’t have the entourage effect that results from other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant working in tandem. As such, they’re popular with people who enjoy the more subtle effects of CBD, or those who are trying it for the first time.

CBD powders are also free of any flavour or smell, which is ideal if you dislike the taste and odour of CBD, or if you want to add it to food or drink.

How to use CBD isolate powders

If you haven’t tried CBD powders before, or you’re looking for new ideas, select an option you feel most comfortable with, or experiment until you find what works best. Always be sure to check how much CBD is in each serving and measure the dose carefully.

1. Cooking CBD powders

Cooking with CBD powders is a fun and tasty way to take your CBD. And because there’s no taste or smell, they can be added to almost any recipe. 

Try stirring the powders into sauces, dressing, soups and stir-fries. Or infuse them gently into cooking ingredients such as oils and butter. Be mindful of the temperature, however, as if you heat them up too much, they could lose their potency. Experts indicate thatCBD’s potency in food begins to break down between 320–356°F.

2. Adding CBD isolate powders to drinks

Adding CBD isolate to your morning juice or smoothie is a healthy way to kick-start your day. Simply blend it with the rest of your ingredients and you're good to go. Alternatively, add a punch of caffeine by stirring it into your tea or coffee. 

3. Consuming CBD powders directly in your mouth

CBD powders are easy to take directly in your mouth, especially as they don’t have any unpleasant taste. After measuring the correct dosage, place them under your tongue then wait at least 60 seconds before swallowing. They’re absorbed directly into your bloodstream through thin membranes, which means you can feel the effects faster.

4. Creating beauty products with CBD isolate powders

Using CBD as a topical can provide your joints, muscles or skin with relief from pain, inflammation or irritation. Either mix the required dose into your favourite cream or oil. Or, if you feel adventurous, experiment by creating your own lotions. 

5. Making homemade e-liquid with CBD powders

If you already vape, adding CBD powders to your e-liquid is an easy way to enjoy it as part of your usual routine. You can even make your own e-liquid from scratch if you have the know-how. However, some experts believe there are significant health risks associated with vaping, so it might not be the best way to take your CBD. 

6. Vaporising CBD powders

If you prefer the inhalation method but you don’t want to use a vape oil, you can use a dry herb vaporizer instead. Take a look at the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin, which usually advise placing the powders in the pre-heated tank, then inhaling the steam it creates.

7. Creating your own CBD sweetener

If you have a sweet tooth, you can blend CBD powders into honey, syrup or your favourite sweetener to liven up your daily indulgences. Simply mix it in, then pour or sprinkle it over your cereal, pancakes or waffles, and enjoy all the added benefits it brings.


CBD isolate powders give you plenty of choice when it comes to deciding how to consume your daily dose. Take the opportunity to try different methods out until you find a way that fits into your lifestyle. Provided you’re careful about your dosage, you could even mix and match how you take it for a little variety.

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