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The Power of Organic CBD: Organic vs Non-Organic CBD Oil

Oct 05, 2023Vidal de Wit

There are a lot of good reasons to choose organic products. Organic products and food are good for the planet and good for us, so there’s an excellent argument for making sure that your CBD supplement is organic too. 

Here we’ll take a look at the benefits of organically produced CBD supplements and examine the things you need to look for when choosing to go organic with your CBD health regime.

What is organic CBD oil?

An organic CBD oil is refined from organically produced hemp plants — that means no herbicides, no pesticides, and no chemical fertilizers have been used to grow the plant. It’s because of this that organic CBD oil is considered to be superior to non-organic CBD oil.

What is non-organic CBD Oil?

Non-organic CBD oil, on the other hand, is not made from certified-organic hemp and that means any herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals used on the hemp plant or on the soil may also end up in our CBD oil. That’s neither good for us, nor the environment.

How do you know whether CBD oil is organic?

The most obvious way to know what’s in your CBD supplement is to read the label: if your oil is organically produced, it will say so on the bottle. A genuinely organic oil should also show the accreditation logo of an organic certifying body.

Finding a trustworthy manufacturer is important because it means you can be sure organic seeds were planted, and that the crop and the oil derived from them followed an organic production process. So, our advice is to visit the company’s website and do your homework!

5 ways organic CBD oil is better than non-organic CBD oil 

It’s well known that organic food is higher in vitamins and minerals than non-organic food with far fewer harmful chemicals. Similarly, there are a lot of benefits of organic CBD oil:

1. Organic CBD oil is free from toxins and synthetic chemicals

To be organically certified, a CBD product must meet specific criteria and be certified on two different levels: the conditions in which the plant was grown and the way in which the hemp oil was turned into the finished supplement. 

The criteria for both levels are that no pesticides, synthetic fillers, genetically modified organisms, herbicides, or other non-approved agents are used at any time during production. 

This ensures organic CBD oil is made in a natural, safe way from the initial planting to the finished supplement — meaning a safer, more effective final product for you, the consumer.

2. Organic CBD oil contains more nutrients

Industrial agriculture is bad for soil health and results in less micro nutrients being available to a growing hemp crop. That means fewer vitamins, minerals, and cannabinoids in the harvested plant.

Conversely, organic production ensures that all the trace elements that a plant needs to thrive are present in the soil. That equates to more vitamins and minerals and a broader, more potent spectrum of cannabinoids available in the final CBD product.

Some studies have indicated that organic food, medicinal tinctures, and supplements deliver greater efficacy and superior nutrition in comparison to non-organics. 

3. Manufacturing organic CBD oil is less damaging to the environment

Synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides do untold damage to the environment, impacting soil, air, and water quality, and harming wildlife and ecosystems. Organic farming has the opposite effect: it rejuvenates the soil and helps support nature’s own systems.

4. Growing organic hemp supports pollinators

Synthetic pesticides are indiscriminate — not only do they kill harmful insects, they also kill the beneficial ones too, such as bees and other essential pollinators. So, while synthetics offer short-term gains, they do long-term environmental damage by reducing biodiversity. 

Organic farming, on the other hand, supports biodiversity and offers us a chance to redress some of the harm to the environment that has already been done; it offers a win for us and a win for the environment.

5. Organic produce can improve your immune system

Another advantage to organic produce is that eating organic food is one of the best ways to strengthen and safeguard your immune system, and improve overall health and wellbeing.

In fact, research conducted by JAMA Internal Medicine found that organic eating lowers the overall risk of developing cancer in general and can inhibit the spread of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and postmenopausal breast cancer specifically.

Dutch Natural Healing's organic CBD oil

Dutch Natural Healing’s organic CBD oil is made from premium, organic hemp that’s grown in our organically-run nursery. All of our processes are specifically designed to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize the potency of our crop.

We think the healing power of hemp is best delivered when there’s as little processing as possible — that’s why our CBD oil is as pure and unadulterated as it gets and why we’re able to say proudly that all of our oil is 100% organic and EU-certified.

We don’t just start with the best possible natural hemp crop, though, we constantly test its purity too. That way we can be absolutely sure we’re always giving you the highest quality organic CBD oil. Get in touch to learn more and to get our most recent lab results.


It’s a sad fact, but we live in a polluted world, and the chemical load on our bodies is significant and increases by the day. For us at Dutch Natural Healing, the choice is a clear and unequivocal one: organic wins every time.

So, by making the right choices with our food and CBD, we can minimize our exposure to harmful chemicals and enhance our health with high-value supplements, such as Dutch Natural Healing’s organic CBD oil.


Does CBD need to be organic?

Soil contaminated with pesticides and herbicides will start to concentrate pollutants in the tissues of the hemp crop growing in it. Obviously, those pollutants will end up in the oil that is refined from it, so it makes sense to choose an organic supplement if you possibly can.

How long does it take for organic CBD oil to work?

Everyone is different and each person will react differently to CBD oil. Generally though, most people will feel the effects of CBD oil within about half an hour of ingestion. As ever, it’s best to experiment to determine your optimum daily dose.

Which form of CBD is most effective?

There’s a wealth of different CBD supplements on the market and finding the best form of supplement for your individual health needs may take some trial and error.

CBD oil is probably the most popular option for an organic CBD supplement and Dutch Natural Healing produces several varieties and potencies of oil.

But, we also produce a full range of nasal sprays, creams, patches, and isolates, so you’ll never have a problem finding a Dutch Natural Healing supplement that’s right for you and your needs.

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