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Curcumin with CBD

It is with trust and pride that Dutch Natural Healing presents one of the most innovative products from our assortiment: Curcumin CBD edition. After a research and development process of over a year, the product is now finally available in our webshop - in a 30ml and 50ml bottle. But are the amazing benefits from CBD not enough?

Why CBD with Curcumin?

CBD and Curcumin both carry an amazing and unprecedented natural programming. Highest in rank is CBD. But when it comes to attributes and health benefits, Curcumin appears to be a good runner-up. That’s why we call the combination of CBD and Curcumin in this special ‘Curcumin edition’ CBD oil the ‘best of two worlds’.

Curcumin and CBD’s effects kind of work in harmony with each other for the biggest part. Combining the two compounds in this oil therefor increases the chance of reaching a positive effect on humans and animals. Besides, curcumin carries a few health benefits apart from CBD, which could be of enormous value to your daily diet.

Ideal ratio of CBD with Curcumin

To ensure you benefit from the maximum potential of both ingredients, the product has a ratio of 1:1 Curcumine and CBD. As various tests show this is the most effective ratio for these healthy compounds to thrive. So the 30ml and the 50ml bottles both contain even parts of CBD and Curcumin for the best results.

Content 30ml CBD Curcumin edition:

  • 300mg Water-soluble CBD * with a 100% bioavailability
  • 300mg Water-soluble Curcumin with a 100% bioavailability

Content 50ml CBD Curcumin edition:

  • 500mg Water-soluble CBD * with a 100% bioavailability
  • 500mg Water-soluble Curcumin with a 100% bioavailability

The CBD Curcumin edition is developed with water-soluble ingredients. It carries a unique formula which greatly contributes to the absorption of the available components by the body. Considering both CBD and Curcumin naturally have a low bioavailability; its water solubility is one of the most important reasons behind Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD Curcumin edition efficacy.

Where some consumers use Curcumin CBD edition to treat certain ailments, the Curcumin edition is also very suitable for preventive use. For preventive use, take 10 drops in your tea, water or juice and experience a dream start of your day! Dosing is easy, thanks to the dripper on the bottle; keeping it clean and making it handy to use.

Need a little more help? In that case our advice is to use 10 drops at breakfast and 10 in the afternoon. Obviously we’d love to hear how the product helps you! This helps us to improve our products even more and give the best advice to our customers. We think this product is our best supplement ever and the prettiest too. What do you think?


Drop Count

± 600 - 1000


300mg - 500mg

Suitable For

The Whole Family

Type of Product

Water-soluble with curcumin


Synergetic effect CBD and curcumin

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