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Home CBD Test Kits

Home CBD Test Kits

Put your mind at ease with our reliable CBD test kits, and check that the oil you bought contains active ingredients. Whilst Dutch Natural Healing products always contain CBD, hemp oil from some other brands may not contain any of the substance you paid for.

Single-use CBD test fluid - Check to see if your oil really contains CBD CBD Test Purple Kit enables you to easily analyse oil products for the presence of cannabidiol (CBD)...
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CBD test - Quickly check if your oil has CBD CBD Test purple is a bottle with test fluid to easily analyse oil products on the presence of cannabidiol (CBD). This..
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Easily test for the presence of CBD in products

CBD test purple detection fluid should change colour when CBD is detected in the sample. So after 20-30 seconds, you should see the first colour changes happening - as the detection fluid reacts to the CBD in your oil sample. Allow some time though, as it may take up to 90 seconds for the reaction to be complete.

You can even try to mix the fluid and the oil with the back of a spoon or another metallic item to aid the chemical reaction and speed up the process.

How do CBD test kits work?

This test fluid is no exact measurement tool for CBD content in oils. Though it gives a pretty accurate estimate of the percentage of CBD present in CBD oil with colours, as shown below:

 (insert diagram)

CBD Test Kits - FAQs

What is the average CBD content in CBD Oil?

The average CBD content in CBD oils that are available to buy across the world is below 10%, however, the amount of CBD oils on the market that contain CBD content between 10-to-15% is increasing. Products that have a CBD rating of over 20% are somewhat rare.

percentage indication cbd test purple dutch natural healing

How do I use a CBD test kit at home?

Using a CBD Test Kit is very easy and can be done in just a few simple steps.

  1. Put a small droplet of your oil sample on a white background (sheet of a4 paper) and smear it out on the paper.
  2. Unscrew the bottle of ‘CBD Test Purple’
  3. Carefully drop 1-2 drops of CBD test fluid on the sample
  4. Wait 20-30 seconds for the results, although this can take up to 90 seconds in some cases.
  5. Assess the percentage of CBD content using the colour chart.

Why should I buy CBD Oil from Dutch Natural Healing?

As researchers discovered, not all CBD oil products sold contain actual Cannabidiol. And while your CBD Test Purple detection fluid will always change its colour with Dutch Natural Healing CBD products, hemp oil from other brands may not contain any of the plant’s substance; even if advertised.