About Us

Health is Wealth

Since 2005, Dutch Natural Healing has gradually developed into one of the best and most trusted - ISO certified - CBD producers worldwide. We thank this reputation to an honest and reliable working method; and our passion to develop truly effective CBD products. Which we now provide to over 50 brands spread all over the globe. Besides offering our own brand of premium quality CBD oil; and other cannabinoid supplements through our webshop and various resellers.

Our hemp products are all made in Europe and our growing facility uses only organic processes. Moreover, in 2020 we’ve received our ISO 22000:2018 certification for our production facility. This way we guarantee the highest possible quality in the extractions we use for our tinctures, topicals and skincare products - pure and how nature intended!

Subsequently, our main goal is to deliver a consistently high product quality. With which we can positively contribute to your general well-being. That is something we work on every day, full devotion and fun. And we have the quality and popularity of our full-spectrum CBD oil, full-plant CBG oil and CBD Cosmetics to show for it! Just like that of our other product categories, DNH Specials like our CBD Test Kit and our rare cannabinoid supplement: CBD HQ oil.

We distinguish ourselves further with an open and personal attitude towards our customers, a Dutch no-nonsense mentality and products that always remain close to the plant. We believe that, that is what it takes to make a good product successful!

With the increasing demand into CBD products, we’ve also noticed an increase in suppliers and brands on the market. Unfortunately though, the quality of these products and producers are not always clear - and therefore we see a decline in the general reputation of CBD products. Something we regret and which worries us a lot.

On the other hand, we’ve been receiving daily messages for years, from customers all over the world; congratulating us on the way our products contribute to their health and well-being. In the jungle of CBD brands, Dutch Natural Healing has proven to be a beacon of hope to many.

Regardless of their background and experience with CBD, our customers can always count on an honest, trusted and premium product with 100% customer satisfaction. Considering our devoted customer service team is always ready to help you discover which CBD product from our assortment fits your personal needs best. Tailored advice, based on our customers’ experience and preliminary scientific research.

That is why we find it extremely important to receive feedback from our customers. This helps us to improve the effectiveness of our products, our customer’s experience and customer service. We love to hear what you think of our products! So, if you have some spare time, please let us know if and how our product works for you.

Our Mission

The history of Dutch Natural Healing begins with the personal story of our CEO Lars.

Being born and raised on the farm of my grandfather, I became inspired by his passion and wisdom on harvesting and growing grass. This paved the path towards my specialization in growing solutions. And while looking for new natural alternatives and perfection, inspired by my grandfather, I learned about hemp.

I started to grow hemp varieties such as ferimon and felina32 in my greenhouse in 2003. But it wasn’t until ten years later, in 2013, that I was asked for hemp flowers for extraction by a Lyme- support group. I then quickly got introduced to the extraction process of cannabinoids with alcohol. After testing the extracts on my inner circle and seeing the effects, I had set myself new goals in life. Dedicating myself fully to hemp and CBD extractions from thereon out.

"Providing a Better Quality of Life"

Lars Opdam - CEO

Our Staff

We want to introduce you to our young and dedicated team. The team at Dutch Natural Healing is available to our customers day and night to ensure that we produce products of the highest quality and deliver them to our customers in a timely manner.

Lars Opdam - CEO

Born and raised on the farm. A pioneer spirit always looking for natural alternatives to contemporary problems. With a big heart and a strong and stubborn character, he and his team are trying to get as much CBD to as many people as possible. 

Mert Gokceimam - Director of Ecommerce

Marijuana has always been in my life due to early Epilepsy i endured in my life. Thanks to MJ i am fully cured. This pushed me creating the most iconic MJ sites online ever. I am proud to be a dad and husband. I love gaming :)

Edwin Beukers - Generalist

I'm a dad of three kids(my pride and joy) furthermore I like to go out to nice restaurants with my girlfriend. I also try to stay healthy and educate myself by reading lots of interesting books.

Fred Schouten - Customer care

Good day, nice to meet you!I am Fred responsible for Customer satisfaction within our company almost for 10 years already ;-) One of my guilty pleasures  (I have more) is spilling hours on Reddit on a rainy Sunday afternoon looking for knowledge that is actually of no use but fun to absorb.Also we like to spend time in nature especially in a magical piece of Netherlands (Utrechtse Heuvelrug) and for physical training I split my own Firewood for a hobby. For the rest ask me personally ;-)Always glad to be of help, talk to you soon.Fred

Vidal de Wit - Online Manager

I’m a proud father of 3 kids, food lover, love fishing, ex-racer, all-round experienced and creative web-developer/designer. At DNH I’m responsible for designing pixel perfect graphics and coding websites.

Mats Duijn - Operations manager

As an ultra-endurance hybrid athlete, I enjoy running, cycling, swimming, and strength training. I compete in foot races exceeding 100 kilometers and participate in Ironman triathlons. I oversee operations at Dutch Natural Healing, without getting into tedious details, ensuring that every product is always available and meets the highest quality standards :) I also do a lot of impersonations and I can beatbox.

Bram Vijzelaaar - Account Manager

Hi I am Bram, currently working as account manager and also responsible for the production of all our oil’s and water soluble products. Began working at Dutch Natural Healing when I was 15 with my internship and still here. Love to do a little boxing or running, go for a walk in the forest, have a beer with friends, watch F1 and have a good steak dinner.

Mark Spil - Logistics Manager

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, sports, and having a beer with my friends ;) My name is Mark, and I'm responsible for logistics. With my background in logistics, I effectively apply my knowledge in my work. My strengths lie in Excel and data analysis.

Lars Hofma - Employee Logistics

Nice to meet you, my name is Lars! As a logistic employee at DNH i spend my time making sure our products are always on stock and ready to be shipped. I'm also a part time student in Architecture, and enjoy exercising outside :)

Will Duijn

Tom van de Steen - Logistics

I'm easily satisfied with the very best and rugby is the best sport in the world.

Sem - Logistics

Hi I’m Sem. At DNH I’m responsible for the logistics. Me and my co-workers do the best we can to deliver your order as soon as possible. A talent I use here is writing the personal cards. Every response I get to this makes my day a little better!

5 reasons to try our CBD

In-house production facility

In our efforts to produce the safest and most consistent cannabinoid supplements possible, Dutch Natural Healing is proud to state we have our own ISO 22000:2018 certified production facility.

An ISO 22000:2018 certification signifies that our company adheres to international standards for food safety management. This certification ensures that our processes, from production to delivery, meet stringent criteria, guaranteeing the safety and quality of the food products you trust. It reflects our commitment to providing you with safe and reliable food items, giving you confidence in the integrity of our food safety practices. Your well-being is our priority, and our ISO 22000:2018 certification is a testament to our dedication to delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.