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CBD cream for sunburn: Heal sunburned skin with Dutch Naturals CBD Aftersun Gel

Jun 15, 2020Mert Gokceimam

Who doesn’t love a nicely suntanned skin in the summer? As we experience more and more tropically hot summer days with every passing year, it’s easier than ever to go out and gain a natural tan. Though increased UV-radiation also makes it easier than ever to get dangerously sunburned. And anyone who’s ever had a sunburn knows how important fast and adequate treatment is to decrease any heavy damage on the skin; using our CBD Aftersun Gel for example:

Sunburned skin

Before we dive into an effective treatment for it, let’s see what a sunburn actually is. To quote the UK’s National Health Service (NHS): ‘Sunburn is red, hot and sore skin caused by too much sun.’ Coming in four degrees, it can go from a light discoloring and sore skin - to full on blisters and flaking of the skin. Though in all four degrees, it comes down to the skin being damaged from UV-exposure. Resulting in a red, sometimes warm and painful or itchy skin.

When your skin is burned from the sun, it is advised to treat it as soon as possible. Just like with any burn on the skin, really. As timely treatment can help control the damage done to the skin, treat and decrease pain and itching and help cool and repair the damaged skin. And while third and fourth degree sunburns might require a more intense approach, first and second degree burns - the most common ones - are easy to treat at home.

CBD Aftersun Gel

With sunburned skin, treatment focusses on cooling, hydrating and repairing the affected skin cells. And the best way to do that, according to different health services and dermatologists, is with Aftersun Gel. A water-based body gel that helps to quickly cool and hydrate the skin, thanks to its easy and fast absorption. So logically, we used such a gel as basis for our CBD Aftersun Gel - which we’ve empowered with 250mg Cannabidiol (CBD) and other natural ingredients for maximum relief.

Dutchnaturals CBD Aftersun Gel is a proven effective, ultimately sproducts/cbd-creamoothing and cooling body gel used to treat sunburns. Thanks to our unique formula with a variety of natural ingredients - including our full-spectrum hemp extract and organic Aloë Vera - this CBD Aftersun Gel provides extra moisturizing and more relief; compared to regular Aftersun products. Besides the fast absorption of the active ingredients in the product, its succes relies on a skin-neutral approach and the positive effect the aftersun has on the balance of natural skin flora.

To experience the maximum benefits from CBD Aftersun Gel, we advise to use it as soon as you realize the skin is burned. Apply the gel two to three times a day until the skin is repaired and feels comfortable. From this point on, it might be helpful to treat the skin with CBD Cream to keep the skin hydrated and avoid flaking. Obviously, make sure the affected area is clean before application and covered when you go out in the sun again.

Instantly cool and repair sunburned skin with Dutchnaturals’ CBD Aftersun Gel:

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