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Highly effective topical CBD patches for long-lasting pain relief

Jun 29, 2020Mert Gokceimam

Although the popularity of these products might make you think otherwise - dropping some CBD oil drops under the tongue is not the only way of getting the benefits from this plant’s substance. As the new Dutchnaturals topical CBD Patches prove, transdermal use of Cannabidiol is amazingly effective; and it might be helpful in treating a variety of ailments. Moreover, CBD Patches are practical as it gets:

Transdermal CBD

There are various ways people can benefit from Cannabidiol (CBD). The non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp, which is praised worldwide for its health benefits and positive impact on our well-being. This is adequately proven by the popularity and success-stories of our hemp oils and cosmetics. Though CBD comes in more forms than just orally consumed raw hemp extractsdrops of CBD oil and skincare cosmetics.

Another way to actively benefit from CBD’s health benefits, is by using it transdermally. This is a term used to describe ‘the route of administration wherein active ingredients are delivered across the skin for systemic distribution’, according to Wikipedia. In other words, this means that the ‘medicine’ - or supplement in this case - is administered topically on the skin; and then gets absorbed by the body over a certain amount of time. Using transdermal topical patches, for example.

Benefits of transdermal CBD

The big advantage to transdermal patches, is that they provide a controlled delivery of the active ingredient into the patient. Sometimes, this is realized by a membrane on the patch covering a reservoir with the substance. Though in the case of Dutchnaturals CBD Topical Patches, the controlled release relies on the body’s heat to melt thin layers of the cannabinoid embedded in the adhesive. This ensures that the active ingredient on the patch is not absorbed at once, but will slowly release itself through the skin into your body. Providing you with anywhere from 12 to 36 hours of relief.

Though it’s not as easy as it sounds, to produce an adhesive that can actually deliver CBD through the skin. As the molecules should be small enough to cross some of the skin’s heavy barriers which protect your body from external threats, for example. Thankfully, our efforts in research and development on this matter were not wasted. As you will experience yourself, using the new and improved Dutchnaturals topical patches with 15mg CBD per piece.

CBD Topical Patches

The new Dutchnaturals CBD Topical Patches come in packs of 30 (5 sheets with 6 patches each) with a total of 450mg of CBD. Each patch - transparant with a subtle colored grid - contains 15mg of organic Cannabidiol ready to help you where it’s needed. As you can simply place the patch on or around the affected or painful area for the most concentrated treatment. Because of the slow-release of the active ingredients, these CBD patches provide long-lasting relief of at least 12 and a maximum of 36 hours. So no more trying to remember to take a new dose of CBD oil; while you’re provided with the needed cannabinoids during the day and night.

You can test this yourself, by using our CBD test kit purple on a patch. Our CBD test fluid to test CBD at home will quickly change color on a fresh patch - or one that’s been used for a short period of time time - detecting large amounts of the cannabinoid on it. Though if you try that with a patch you’ve used for 24-36 hours, you’ll only see a minimal color change happening. Meaning that the CBD that was there before, is now absorbed by your skin and has entered your body’s bloodstream.

Though to be honest, you probably won’t need to use this Test Kit to know there’s actual CBD in Dutchnaturals patches. Nor will you doubt the fact that the available CBD is actively absorbed thought the skin. As the sample packs we’ve shared with some of our friends and family-members have even turned non-believers into CBD fanatics! According to those who’ve tried, Dutchnaturals CBD patches have helped them manage pain, provide relaxation and aided a good night’s rest - amongst other benefits we’ve heard. 

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