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CBD oil for hay fever: Using hemp as an antihistamine for allergies

Apr 10, 2022Mert Gokceimam

CBD oil against hay fever

CBD oil is widely known as some sort of a "cure-all". Helping millions of people worldwide to soothe (symptoms of) various diseases and ailments; including allergies. While mostly harmless, allergies can still be very annoying. Sometimes even limiting everyday life and enjoyment, as is the case with people suffering from hay fever. Luckily though, it seems hemp oil might help these people enjoy springtime again - as research shows potential to use CBD oil against hay fever.

What is hay fever?

While the vast majority of people enjoy spring- and summertime; not everyone is happy to see flowers and trees start to blossom. As 1 in 7 people worldwide suffer from hay fever (or Allergic Rhinitis). Which is in fact an allergic reaction to pollen and other allergens in the air. This results in mild to sometimes heavy cold symptoms, often with a great impact to their quality of life during the season. 

Hay fever symptoms develop when pollen from blossoming grasses, trees and plants reach the mucous tissue of the eyes and airways through the air. Although harmless, the body for some reason sees these antigens as dangerous intruders. This makes the immune system kick in and produce antibodies to attack these substances. Leading to various symptoms, including but not limited to: headaches, tearing or itchy (red) eyes, stuffy/runny nose, sneezing, itches, coughing and insomnia. 

Typical treatments against allergies

Obviously, avoiding the allergens altogether is the most effective treatment of hay fever. But let’s be honest, it is fairly impossible to lock yourself indoors and not leave the house in the spring and summer; and let allergies limit your life like that. Though it might help to keep your (bedroom) window closed as much as possible; and to take off pollen-loaded clothes before you enter your bedroom or living area after leaving the house. This reduces the level of allergens in the house, decreasing symptoms during bedtime and help you sleep better at night.

Considering this does not solve the issue completely, patients could decide to undergo immunotherapy. Where the immune system is increasingly exposed to the allergens until it stops reacting to them. Although this sometimes heavy form of therapy requires a lot of patience and devotion; and might end up not working at all. 

That is why most patients chose to take either antihistamines or corticosteroids to decrease hay fever. These drugs effectively reduce the body’s production of histamine in most cases. The substance your immune system creates to attack the pollen - and main cause of hay fever’s allergy symptoms. However, these pharmaceuticals are known to have serious side-effects. Making them unsuited for use by children, for example. But also for people with glaucoma or one of the many other contra-indications. 

CBD as an antihistamine

CBD oil might therefor be the answer, and help in the war against pollen. Considering cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) have an interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The communication network responsible for balancing out almost every process that keeps us alive. Including the reaction of our immune system to histamines, like pollen.This suggest that CBD oil might possibly help reduce the allergy symptoms associated with hay fever. 

Researchers in Bonn, Germany, were able to confirm this hypothesis. Proving that mice with a lack of endocannabinoids were far more susceptible to allergic reactions. On the other hand, mice with an extremely high level of the body’s own THC (anandamide) in their blood seemed to recover from allergy symptoms much faster. 

As concluded by the researchteam, this means the ECS essentially protects the body against allergies. Moreover, supplementing the endocannabinoid system with (additional) cannabinoids from hemp could - as suggested by these scientists - even help treat symptoms associated with allergic reactions altogether. Though clinical research on actual people is needed to confirm this outcome in relation to allergic rhinitis; and bring clarity into the type of hemp oil and CBD dosage needed to treat hay fever effectively. 

Full spectrum CBD oil against hay fever

With that being said, it doesn’t hurt to try and treat your allergic reactions to pollen with hemp. Be aware to stay away from hemp flowers though, as these might carry pollen and worsen your symptoms. Rather try a high quality, full spectrum CBD oil against hay fever. As research suggests that some terpenes - like limonene and a-pinene - might also have antihistamine effects. With one even naming the latter ‘A Miracle Gift From Nature’. Luckily, all of our full spectrum hemp oils contain said terpenes; and might help you enjoy spring and summer just a little bit more this year.

Another option to help treat hay fever would be DNH’s CBD Nasal Spray. Especially if you have symptoms like a nose cold, head ache or itchy eyes. Order our Nasal Spray with CBD here or:

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