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Is CDB oil, weed-, cannabis- and hemp oil the same as CBD oil?

Mar 07, 2021Mert Gokceimam

As you might’ve noticed, there are a lot of difficult terms in the world of hemp supplements. When you’re trying to buy CBD oil, certainly for the first time, you might come across a variety of products with different names. And while these sometimes might mean the same thing, not all of these products are the same. So here goes an explanation of a few terms you might encounter when searching to order CBD oil; including CDB oil, weed- and cannabis oil and hemp oil: 

CBD oil

CBD oil is a product made from hemp, usually made up of at least two ingredients. Respectively a hemp extract (from the flowers and leafs of the plant) and a carrier oil for easier administration. In these hemp extracts - like a pure CBD paste - you might find a variety of vegetal cannabinoids and terpenes. These are active substances which could potentially have a positive impact on various processes in our body and mind. Due to their unique interaction with our endocannabinoid system (ECS); an essential communication network in the body.

One of the best known cannabinoids found in hemp is Cannabidiol (CBD). A non-psychoactive substance, of which preliminary research has already found a large list of possible health benefits. Most of which are backed by an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence from consumers. Consequently, CBD oil has gained enormous popularity amongst people in search for natural supplements; to increase their health and well-being in a variety of ways. Considering that the main ingredients are CBD and an oil to carry it, CBD oil is literally what the name suggests.

Hemp (seed) oil

Hemp oil is another common name for CBD oil. After all, it is oil made of different parts of the hemp plant. Though don’t confuse hemp oil with hemp seed oil. Because while hemp oil (or CBD oil) is made from a cannabinoid-rich extract of the flowers and leafs of hemp. Hemp seed oil on the other hand is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. For this reason, hemp seed oil does not contain cannabinoids or terpenes itself; as these are mainly found on the flowers and leafs of hemp. 

However, hemp seed oil does contain a variety of healthy fatty acids we can benefit from! That is also one of the reasons why hemp seed oil is often used to dilute hemp extracts with. So in short: hemp oil is not the same as hemp seed oil, but it might contain it as a carrier oil. In fact, if you buy hemp oil from Dutch Natural Healing, you can be sure that it is diluted using high quality hemp seed oil for the best possible results. With the exception of our unique water-soluble CBD products, that is. 

What is CDB oil?

Another term you might’ve encountered while looking to order CBD oil online, is CDB oil. And this term is actually very easy to explain. Because CDB oil is a very common misspelling of CBD oil. This happens easily because most spell checkers do not recognize CBD as a word. Besides, it is easy to get confused with the letters if you are new to the subject. After all, most cannabinoids have abbreviations made-up of letters: CBG, CBC, CBN or THC; for example. 

CDB oil therefor is often searched on Google and other search engines. Though most of these intelligent systems are starting to understand that people who write queries such as ‘order CDB oil’, are actually looking to ‘order CBD oil’. 

Weed or cannabis oil 

Last but not least on the list, is weed oil or cannabis oil. Two terms that are often mistakenly used instead of CBD oil. But fact of the matter is, that weed oil or cannabis oil is not the same as CBD oil. Because instead of hemp plants with low concentrations of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC; weed- or cannabis-oil is made using high-THC cannabis plants. Accordingly, extracts and oils made from these plants do contain higher amounts of the psychoactive compound. 

Regardless of its relatively high availability, weed- or cannabis oil is actually illegal to produce, possess and sell in the EU. Like in many other parts of the world, actually. Moreover, this illegal status means its production is not regulated either. So you never really know what is in weed oil when you buy it; making it a dangerous risk to take. 

With this in mind, we’d recommend to choose high quality, CBD-rich hemp oil from Dutch Natural Healing; when you’re looking for natural hemp-derived supplements to better your health or well-being. This way it’s guaranteed you’ve ordered the best CBD oil on the market. Safe and effective, just like nature intended! 

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