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Home CBD Test Kits

Home CBD Test Kits

Dutch Natural Healing products always contain high-quality CBD, but some brands don't. Our reliable home CBD test kits are simple to use and will put your mind at ease.

A convenient, single-use CBD oil testing kit  The CBD Test Purple Kit is designed to help you analyse your own CBD oil products quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.&nb..
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Test your CBD oil instantly CBD Test-Purple means that you can check the quality of your CBD products at home, in just seconds. Each pack contains 100 tests to test your CBD ..
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Easily test for CBD in your supplements

Our home CBD test kits mean you can check for CBD in minutes. Add the detection fluid to your oil sample and wait between 20 to 90 seconds for the colour to change.

With these test kits, you get peace of mind that the CBD products you buy possess the percentage of CBD they claim to contain.

How CBD Test Kits Work

CBD test fluid changes colour depending on the strength of the CBD in the sample it is used on. While it's not an exact measurement tool, it accurately estimates the percentage of CBD in CBD oil

Why Buy Your CBD Oil from Us?

Not all CBD oil products contain the levels of cannabidiol they claim to. Some products don't contain CBD at all.

All our products contain high-quality CBD, at the strengths detailed on the label. When you buy from us, you're purchasing with complete confidence.

CBD Test Kits - FAQs

How Much CBD Does CBD Oil Contain?

It depends on the product's strength, but the average CBD content in CBD oils is below 10%. However, the amount of CBD oils that contain between 10 to 15% of oil is increasing. Products with a CBD content of over 20% are still rare. 

How do I Use a CBD Testing Kit at Home

A CBD test kit is easy to use and provides results in less than two minutes.

  • Put a small drop of your oil sample on a white background (like a sheet of paper) and smear it on the paper
  • Carefully drop 1 to 2 drops of test fluid on the sample. If you want a faster result, you can mix the oil and fluid with the back of a spoon or a metallic item to speed up the process
  • Wait for the result. This generally takes between 20 to 30 seconds but can take up to 90 seconds in some cases
  • Assess the percentage of CBD using the colour chart