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CBD Plus Starter Kit - 7 Piece Sample Set

CBD Plus Starter Kit - 7 Piece Sample Set
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CBD Plus Starter Kit - 7 Piece Sample Set
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  • Number of item: 7
  • Quantity CBD: 5000mg
  • Type of products: 2x CBD Oil, CBG Oil, Water-soluble CBD, Patches, The Cream and Body Gel
  • Discount: €154,55 (approx. 40%)

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Try the CBD PLUS sample pack

Try seven premium CBD products in a single set, designed for people who've tried CBD before but want to learn more. The PLUS pack contains 5000mg cannabidiol (CBD) in total, as well as cannabigerol (CBD) and other natural active ingredients. Get all seven products for a 45% discount!

CBD Oil 10ml - 8% (825mg)

Our classic 8% CBD oil, with 825mg CBD in each 10ml bottle. We extract CBD from organic, Dutch-grown hemp and blend it with pure hemp seed oil for the best flavour and potency. You'll also feel the benefit of cannabinoids CBG, CBN, and CBC, alongside aromatic terpenes and terpenoids, creating a fully-rounded entourage effect.

CBD Oil 10ml - 25% (2500mg)

Premium Gold is our most potent CBD oil. A single 10ml bottle contains 25% CBD — that's 2500mg. This full-spectrum product contains a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and terpinoids, extracted from organic Cannabis Sativa L. We take our Premium Gold CBD from the full plant, not just the youngest leaves, so that you get the most complete entourage effect. 

CBDactive+ 10ml - 4% (400mg)

Handy, accurate dose dispenser? Check. Water-soluble CBD for faster, more effective absorption? Check. Cannabinoids and terpenes for flavour and potency? Check. 

CBDactive+ is designed for people who want their CBD oil to work fast and powerfully. Its water-soluble formula is up to 10 times more effective than regular CBD oil. Plus, we've included cannabinoids CBD, CBC, CBG, and a full range of terpenes including curcumin, myrceen, caryophyllene, pinene, limonene, linalool, and vitamin E for a uniquely refreshing flavour. 

CBG Oil 20ml - 3% (300mg)

Our CBG oil contains a 1:1 mixture of 300mg cannabigerol (CBG) with 300mg cannabidiol (CBD), alongside a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Each 20ml bottle is carefully extracted from organic, EU-certified hemp plants. You'll get the full effects of both CBG and CBD, without any psychoactive elements.

CBD Topical Patches (450mg)

Try CBD patches as an alternative to CBD oil, capsules, crystals, or other consumption methods. Each discreet topical patch contains 15mg CBD, for a pack total of 450mg in 30 patches. 

CBD pathces are designed for slow release over 12-36 hours. You'll get a subtle but continuous effect, without any THC to cause unwanted side-effects. Topical patches that work transdermally, like these ones, are considered highly effective and bioavailable.

CBD body gel with Aloë Vera (250mg)

The CBD body gel from Dutch Natural Healing is designed to soothe, cool, and moisturise skin. It's water-based for easy application and fast absorption. Active ingredients including aloe vera and 250mg of organic CBD oil help to calm inflamed and irritated skin. 

CBD skin cream

Each 110ml jar of moisturising CBD cream is enriched with 250mg of full-spectrum CBD. We've used the finest quality raw and organic hemp extracts to give you a pure and powerful effect with a subtle natural scent. It's suitable for use in your daily skincare routine to soothe, hydrate, and nourish skin. 

Try our other sample packs

Don't miss our other sample packs to help you explore CBD: START and BASIC. Experience a range of Dutch Natural Healing products, including our original 8% CBD oil, concentrated 25% CBD oil, water-soluble CBDactive+, CBG oil, CBD skincare, and CBD for pets

Number of item 7
Quantity CBD 5000mg
Type of products 2x CBD Oil, CBG Oil, Water-soluble CBD, Patches, The Cream and Body Gel
Discount €154,55 (approx. 40%)

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