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5 benefits of CBD oil for sport recovery

Nov 30, 2020Mert Gokceimam

The worlds of sports and CBD are slowly merging, as more athletes discover the benefits of the cannabinoid. And one thing all sportsmen and women have in common, is they want to recover from their training as soon as possible. Now it appears that hemp supplements like CBD oil could be of great help in terms of recovery and performance. So get ready if you’re into fitness, CrossFit or any other high impact sport; and discover 5 ways how hemp helps with fitness and recovery:

CBD and sports: for fitness and recovery

If you thought that CBD is only for sick people, prepare to be surprised. Because besides offering relief to patients dealing with all sorts of serious ailments; cannabinoid supplements like hemp oil are also well-suited for a group of extremely healthy people: athletes! But how do sports and CBD oil match and what effects does it have on your fitness and recovery time? Let’s dig in:

Decrease inflammation and swelling from sports with CBD

A very common thing amongst sportsmen and -women is swelling of muscles, joints and tendons. Especially for people involved in heavy contact sports like football, hockey and rugby; but also martial arts and high performing athletes might be familiar with this type of discomfort. Mostly, this has to do with inflammation of tendons, due to overuse and overloading the body. Causing pain and limited movement in joints.

This type of injury might take a long time to heal, even if you let it rest. Obviously this is very annoying if you want to keep on training. Though luckily, it looks like CBD and sports are a match made in heaven. Firstly, the plant’s substance is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Accordingly, Cannabidiol (CBD) helps calm down the inflamed tissue, decreases swelling and aids in a quicker recovery of swollen joints, muscles and tendons. Helping you to quickly pick up the pace again.

In cases of swelling and inflammation, we’ve had the best feedback from customers who’ve tried CBDactive+ on a daily basis. If needed, combined with a CBD Patch around the affected area for local relief.

Treat painful sports injuries and nerve damage

In sports there’s two types of pain. The first is ‘good pain’, the one competitive and high-performing athletes almost constantly suffer. After all, if you challenge your body and push it beyond the limits day after day - you will most definitely feel pain. Not necessarily during the training, but after. As they often say in the gym: ‘no pain, no gain’. Considering growing muscles will always feel achy.

The other type of pain is not so good, and is often caused by wear and tear - or nerve damage in worse cases. Because let’s be honest, sometimes the mind wants to go harder than the body allows. And instead of choosing heavy, addictive medication like opiates or NSAID’s to battle this type of pain. Why not try CBD?

Because research after research prove the painkilling properties of cannabinoids like Cannabidiol - the main ingredient in CBD oil. Providing you with a safe and all-natural painkiller to use against aching muscles, nerve pain and other sports-related pain. Moreover, the substance is known to repair nerve-damage in the brain and body effectively. Presenting yet another benefit of using CBD for quick recovery of sports injuries.

Besides ingesting cannabinoids to treat sports injuries and nerve damage limiting your fitness; it might also be useful to treat the affected area locally. Perhaps with a topical product like our CBD Body Gel or Cream, or the CBD Patches mentioned earlier.

CBD for quick recovery of broken bones

Another benefit hemp oil might offer athletes and sports-fanatics, is a speedy recovery of broken bones and torn tendons. As shown by a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral research, CBD - when used correctly - can speed up the recovery of bone fractures and make them heal faster. Moreover, the research showed that the healed parts were less likely to break again thanks to the cannabinoid treatment.

One of the reasons explaining this phenomenon, is that Cannabidiol inhibits the G-protein connected receptor 55. Because excessive stimulation of this receptor might cause weaker bones and even accelerate the development of osteoporosis. Though CBD is known to prevent this from happening and increase bone density.

More and better rest with hemp oil

As you might know from one of our previous articles, organic cannabinoids can also help improve your quality - and quantity - of sleep. Considering sleep and rest are extremely important for the recovery of muscles and restoring energy; it is very important for athletes to get enough good sleep. While you are asleep, body cells are recycled and a wide array of hormones is released to help restore muscles and help them grow. Logically, a lack of good sleep will interrupt these processes and inhibit the body’s natural restoration.

Obviously CBD oil can’t help regulate any external factors that keep you from falling asleep or have you wake up at night. Though it does appear to be effective in treating the majority of internal factors causing insomnia. Curious to know more about hemp supplements for sleep; and want to discover which supplements might help you sleep better?

Find out more in: ‘CBD oil for sleep: find the best hemp products for a good night’s rest

CBD increases sports performance

Logically, better rest and quicker recovery will help you perform better in training and during competitions. As you have more energy and therefor have the ability to focus better. Though the organic substance also impacts your focus and performance another way: by improving the brain function. In fact, it helps restore damaged brain cells and makes sure the processes your brain regulates are in balance.

Moreover, quicker recovery with CBD means you’ll be able to train more often in the same timespan as you would normally. Considering you need less ‘downtime’ to restore your body. In addition, shorter recovery times mean you’re able to start training again sooner. And generally speaking more training means better performance!

Are you curious to find out how Cannabidiol might help improve your recovery time and sports performance? Get in touch or try one of our interesting Sample Packs to discover how versatile hemp can be:

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