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Benefits of using hemp oil for sinuses

Aug 17, 2021Mert Gokceimam

The latest addition to our portfolio is DNH’s CBD Nasal Spray - the effective and fresh breeze by nature. An innovative supplement which provides a breathe of fresh air thanks to it’s well-balanced ingredients. But is it an effective alternative method to ingest your daily dose of cannabinoids, too? Discover all about the possible benefits of Nasal Spray with CBD:

CBD Nasal Spray by Dutch Natural Healing

At DNH we take great pride in our love for research in and development of innovative CBD products. This resulted in a large assortiment featuring unique cannabinoid supplements, all found on and designed by Ranging from well-balanced CBD oils for daily use, to highly effective water-soluble CBDactive+ or a full-plant CBG Oil; to name a few items.

Our latest creation however, was greatly inspired by one of our favorite Medical Doctor and professor Patricia Frye from Takoma Park Care Hospital.. As she motivated us to develop a CBD Nasal Spray worthy of the DNH-signature. And for a product like this Nasal Spray with CBD to fit our portfolio, it has to be of the highest possible quality.

Relieve airways and stimulate recovery

In the case of this particular product, this means we sought a balance between a highly effective spray to open up the sinuses and alleviate blocked airways. While providing not more than a mild feeling in the nose. After all, a good nasal spray is designed to not only free up the airways - but stimulate recovery of irritated sinuses as well.

Thanks to our carefully balanced ingredients in this recipe, DNH’s CBD Nasal Spray 10ml - 1% (200mg) does exactly that. After spraying 1-2 times in each nostril, while slightly breathing in through the nose, the effect becomes apparent within 1-5 minutes. As reported by users, this nasal spray is effective in alleviating blocked airways and relieve sinus pressure. Making the product potentially helpful in cases of nose colds and more serious respiratory issues focused on the upper airways.

Moreover, our CBD Nasal Spray could stimulate the recovery of irritated and damaged sinuses as well. Helping people feel relief after having tested for COVID-19 with a nasal swab, for example. Or helping people with (chronic) irritation of the sinuses in general, due to hay fever, exposure to polluted air or smokey areas; for example.

Taking CBD through the nose

Though there’s more to this nasal spray with CBD than the relief it brings our sinuses and nostrils. Considering intranasal delivery (through the nose) in general appears to be an easy and effective alternative method to ingest your daily dose of cannabinoids. As research shows, the absorption rate of CBD through the nose is about 34-36% with a 10 minute delivery time. Besides, intranasal use of CBD was proven to be a potential chronic pain treatment in that particular study.

Apart from that, there have been numerous studies into one of the world’s first cannabinoid supplements to be approved for medical use. Showing the benefits of intranasal delivery of Cannabidiol (CBD) - or other cannabinoids - in cases of child epilepsy. Obviously, these studies do not guarantee that you will experience the same effects with our nasal spray. The CBD Nasal Spray by DNH was in the first place designed for relieving blocked and recovering irritated airways. Any positive effects felt because of the CBD in this Nasal Spray are considered a delightful bonus!

We promise you a GUARANTEED EFFECT or a FULL REFUND! So what’s keeping you?

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